Thursday, January 31, 2013

NC Senate Bill 17: Concealed Carry Permits Validity.

Senate Bill 17 makes no sense to me. This is a step backwards. At the moment North Carolina has universal reciprocity. This bill would change that. It bars people people who have a valid concealed carry permit from another state from carrying in NC if that state is not their state of residence. These people live in states that don't have concealed carry or have "may issue" which is essentially the same damn thing. Their only recourse is to obtain a permit from another state that issues non resident permits. They still have to jump through all the background check and training hoops residents of that particular state. They proven themselves to be responsible citizens. So what's the problem?

This makes no sense from a GRNC 4 star rated legislator. State Senator Stan Bingham, said legislator, who proposed this change, should have to answer that question. Call him and ask him. Email him and ask him. If you are local to him, knock on his door and ask him. Do it whether you are his constituent or not. We need an answer. This bill needs to die quickly. Don't call just Bingham. Call your own representatives and ask them to drive a stake through this bill's heart.

Senator Stan Bingham
Phone: (919) 733-5665
Phone: (336) 859-0999

I caught wind of this at Sean's An NC Gun Blog. He has the text of the bill and his usual on point commentary.

Skeet Shooting

By his definition anyway.

New Bill Whittle

What Difference Does It Make?

Paul Ryan open to closing gun-show loophole

Congressman Ryan, I guess I won't be voting for you in 2016. If you support universal background checks, I won't support you. Too bad I really liked you.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Ya know, where we give up shit, and they get what they want.

Be still my heart...

H/T to John.

Just saying...

Allegedly, the Iranians claim to have launched a rocket containing a monkey as a payload and then returned said payload back to earth intact. I'm not so sure intact means alive, but there's an easy way to find out. Has anyone seen Ahmadinejad in public recently?


PIERS MORGAN: I have an interview coming up with two young women who wrote a piece in which they said they wanted the rights of the AR-15 weapon at home because they feared they would be attacked and they wanted a gun that would guarantee they would murder or would kill their attacker. How do you respond to that particular argument, which is they believe under their second amendment right they should be allowed an AR-15?

CAROLYN MCCARTHY: I will tell you, if you talk to professionals, hunters and certainly sportsmen, they’ll tell you that’s not the gun to use. A rifle is more accurate. It’s certainly easier for a woman to be able to do that.

Really no additional comment is required. Aw, the hell with it. This is the lady [and I use the term loosely] of "the shoulder thing that goes up" fame. This lady is the quality of people we have writing the laws that govern the rest of us? Seriously? The people of Long Island deserve everything they get for sending her to Congress. Unfortunately, the rest of us don't.

So here's my question?

How many of you guys are actually old enough to have seen Lost in Space when was originally broadcast?

For me its one of those shows remembered fondly but best not re-experienced.

FYI: It was originally broadcast between September 15, 1965, and March 6, 1968.

Serious or not...

...its damn funny.

Know Nothings

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ARRRRRG, the stupid. It hurts

In Hyannis MA, a five year old makes a gun out of Legos and is threatened with expulsion. You see according to the principal it was a "threat" to the other children. According to me the principal is an idiot. They're toys lady. FRICK'N toys. They are a threat to no one. He was playing like all normal five year old boys do.

My hope for the family of the five year old is that they are well off enough to pull their child from the local public indoctrination center and home school him. BECAUSE if the principal is any indication of the level of intelligence of the rest of the school staff, he can't possibly be any worse off being taught at home.


Tuesday's Congressional joke!

The difference, of course, is that police chiefs...

...are appointed and serve at the pleasure of their political masters. A sheriff is elected and serves at the pleasure of the electorate. Being subject to the voters opens one's mind a bit.
No Consensus Between Obama and Sheriffs

It is called lying.

Dianne Feinstein is Misleading the Public With Her Assault Weapons Ban
The truth is not in her. They lie because the truth will not get them what they want.

We need to see more of this.

Police officers in Seattle, Washington held their first gun buyback program in 20 years this weekend, underneath interstate 5, and soon found that private gun collectors were working the large crowd as little makeshift gun shows began dotting the parking lot and sidewalks. Some even had “cash for guns” signs prominently displayed.
Now that's funny.

We need to see more of this.

Vermont Gun Range Bans Police Officers From Facility Over Proposed Ban On Semi-Automatic Rifles
It seems to me that the owners of the range have joined the "dialogue". The City of Burlington just don't like their contribution.

Just curious...

You have to wonder what the back story is on this. A man is arrested for child endangerment after he posts a picture on Facebook of him holding his infant daughter and a BB pistol. Was he pointing it at her? Is it simply a matter of the child's maternal grandmother taking an opportunity to stick it to a son-in-law or "baby daddy" she detests. That I at least understand and have sympathy for. I have no clue what kind of father the arrestee is or what kind of hisotry he has. Unfortunately, the picture is not available to the new outlets and what I know is the bare bones of this news story. I'm just curious as to why having a picture of yourself with a child and a BB gun posted on social media qualifies as "child endangerment" in Colerain Township Ohio and what's going to happen if someone else posts a picture of themselves and their child plinking with a 10-22?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Just what I needed...

I made a mistake the other night. I watched an episode of Justified's 4th season. I laughed my freaking ass off. Now I'm five episodes into the 1st season and hooked.

it's not that I don't trust you guys.

Well, actually, it is. The media hasn't offered a balanced report on gun control. You tend to lean toward the prohibitionists. So don't show me a tight shot of people marching and carrying signs. Pull back and show me the crowd. Then maybe I'll buy "thousands" marching for gun control. You guys just haven't earned my trust.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Can you honestly believe President Obama would lie...

...about a thing like that?
Obama: 'Up at Camp David, We Do Skeet Shooting All the Time'
Ummm, yep. He lies about everything else.

I'm with Tam. Produce pics or it didn't happen.

They want compromise

The way I see it we've been compromising since at least the National Firearms Act of 1934. It time for the other guys to give a little. We'll start with withdrawing all currently proposed gun control legislation and move on to what laws to repeal. How's that for compromise?

Well, that settles that

Department of Homeland Security: Sport rifle (AR-15) “suitable for personal defense”
If the government says it, it must be true.

Offered without comment.

Thanks, but we knew that already...

I'm glad we have at least one Law Enforcement Administrator willing to tell the public something most gun owners and rank and file police officers have always known. The only person who can ensure your safety is yourself and a community is only as safe as the community members will make it.

Get a gun. Get training. Carry.

And boy, do the Moonbats come out when a bureaucrat breaks ranks.


Obama suggests Republicans unwilling to compromise in gun control debate

Aside from the fact that a Congressman that listens to the "American Public" on any issue rather than their constituents doesn't stay a Congressman long. I'd argue that they are listening to their constituents on the issue of gun control because they know what's good for them. Too bad for you that most don't agree with you. Its you, Mister President, that are out of touch with the "American Public" on gun control. Now pound sand.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

Lots of fantasy firearms, action, gore, pretty ladies and a plot with the intellectual depth of Carolyn McCarthy. It was a lot of mindless fun.


New York Gun Owners Flip the Bird to "Assault Weapons" Registration Law
Interesting times.


Those four men died in Benghazi because of a failure in leadership. A failure in the State Department, the Defense Department, and the White House. A further example of that failure is the leadership's refusal to accept responsibility for their actions and the lies told to cover their failure. I expect nothing to change in the next four years. We are screwed.

No, seriously...

In Philadelphia, a fifth grade girl brings a paper gun to school and is searched and scolded. The mom responds by pulling her child out of school and home schooling her. Good choice. Public school administrator and teachers with such poor decision making skills don't need to be in charge of children.

To Whom It May Concern

H/T to Theo.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Democrats introduce expanded assault-weapons ban

Pretty much as advertised with the usual suspects. All that was missing was the backdrop of children.

Call your representatives and let them know where you stand. Call often. While you're at it call the NRA and let them know where you stand.

No compromise. Ever.

The List

Liberal Logic

No Compromise.

Poll: NC supports background checks, concerned about mental health
Universal background checks are touted as the most likely consequence of Sandy Hook and an acceptable compromise. If you trust polls it would seem a majority support them. Me, I don't think so. The purpose of the Bill of Rights and the "shall not be infringed" is to protect the rights written therein. It don't matter how many oppose the right. It's still a right. You don't like it, change the Constitution.

Now having got that out of the way, I have two reasons to oppose universal background checks. The first is they won't work. Criminals get their guns by theft, other criminals, or from family members. They don't undergo background checks. They're criminals.

They won't impact crime. They won't impact mass killings like Sandy Hook. The evil git there killed his mother and took her guns. The evil git at the Virginia Tech bought his legally. He passed a background check. So did the evil git in Colorado theater. The evil gits from Columbine used a straw purchaser to get at least one of their guns.

The second and best reason to oppose universal background checks is the antis want it. Its not a compromise for them. They don't compromise. They never have. Why should we believe they would now. Any gun control law passed has always been a first step for them toward a ban and nothing more. Universal background checks begin the creation of an infrastructure for a national gun registry. That gives them the who, what and where to go and seize guns. Wait, the antis call this paranoid and ridiculous. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Anyway knowing those fuckers for what they are ain't paranoia. Its common sense.

So contact your representatives and the NRA and let them know where you stand. No compromise. Not one inch. Ever.

Ignore the claptrap about “caring for the children” and “making sure that weapons don’t fall into the hands of criminals.” It’s all a ruse designed by the anti-gun lobby. Universal background checks have nothing whatsoever to do with keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, or a reduction in violence of any sort. The system, if set up, is a predecessor and necessary prerequisite to a national gun registry. This is evil to its very core.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Too funny, too true

One hundred and fifty-eight years ago today...

...John Moses Browning was born. He passed on in 1926 one hundred and twenty-eight gun patents later.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Inauguration Day

I slept through it. I'm sure I got the better end of the deal.

The unmitigated gall of the man...

Eric Holder Displays Extraordinary Hypocrisy on Gun Control
Not really surprising at all.

Larry Correia on Huckabee

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

New Orleans ex-mayor Ray Nagin indicted
He's also a member of Mikey's Mayors Against Illegal Legal Guns. He's not the first to be arrested. I suspect he won't be the last.


NBC/WSJ poll: NRA more popular than entertainment industry
This is as it should be. The people of Hollyweird rarely practice what they preach to the rest of the country.

Bill Whittle: Reservoirs

Saturday, January 19, 2013


After the Golden Age

My oldest daughter recommends books to me on a regular basis. Most don't really appeal to me. Her tastes run to urban fantasy and mine to Baen Books. She brought me a copy of Carrie Vaughn's After the Golden Age to get me to read it. So I did. It's a well written story of the daughter of superheroes and how she comes to terms with them. I enjoyed it and recommend it to any interested.

The stupid here speaks for itself.

A 5-year-old Pennsylvania girl who told another girl she was going to shoot her with a pink Hello Kitty toy gun that blows soapy bubbles has been suspended from kindergarten.
What we got from Newtown was another justification for moronic decisions such as this.

Wonder how many days she'd get if she went to school wearing a Kalashnikitty t-shirt?

Miranda Frigon: Hiding Place

Friday, January 18, 2013

60 percent of young Americans plan to purchase firearms, study reveals

Lawless told Campus Reform on Tuesday that in her view the findings were proof that President Obama should move swiftly, and without the permission of Congress if necessary, in order limit the availability of firearms.
Because if the those are the numbers among our youth, and are accurate, the demographic is moving against the prohibitionists.

H/T to Clayton.


Biden to NRA: We ‘don’t have the time’ to prosecute gun buyers who lie on background checks
Me to Biden: Why pass more gun laws when you aren't enforcing the ones you already have? I guess because they aren't the ones you want.

Answer me this?

How can you have a right that isn't absolute? If the government can discard it or modify it at will, it ain't a right. Right?

Here's a petition I can get behind.

End the Hollywood Tax Cuts!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

If they weren't so f%&$ing pathetic, I'd laugh.

New York State Legislators were so damn eager to pass their anti-Second Amendment, anti-gun legislation they forgot something. They didn't exempt the police. As of now when the law goes into effect the po po will be in violation of the seven round limit on magazine capacity. So now the legislature is scrambling to amend the law to exempt police.

You wouldn't want the police to be at a disadvantage against criminals or law abiding citizens because because even though the police work for us they are somehow better than the run of the mill citizen and it's not like citizens don't face the same dangers the police do every day. Besides, when the shit hits the fan the police are always standing right there to protect us...right?

How to crush Democrats' dumbest (but pervasive) gun control argument

President Obama and his fellow travelers use the numbers...

...that will push their agenda, even when they know those numbers are utter bullshit. Remember the Mexican canard?
Gun Sales and Background Checks: Obama’s Bogus 40 Percent Stat
The all knowing and powerful Obama says 40% of gun sales take place without background checks. Let's add the word legal to that just to clarify. Criminals don't bother with background checks. This 40% stat is based on a two decade old study made before Brady changes the rules on when background checks had to be made and it was suspect then. In the year 2013 it supports nothing. Bloomberg and Obama don't care. It furthers an agenda. All it does is prove the old adage, lies, damn lies, and statistics. Oh and a prohibitionist will do whatever it takes to win...even lie.

The Stupid, it hurts.

Bang! You're suspended: Maryland children punished for making gun gestures
Zero tolerance. What prohibitionists do instead of think.

...and another.

A Modest Proposal

Now here's an idea?

All (Gun) politics is local

So much for the Korean Garands

Obama's Proposals Attack Crufflers Directly

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Piers Morgan Fact Check News, Weather

Glad to see the prohibitionists are keeping it classy.


Only the most purposely obtuse moron...

...can equate the NRA's first person shooter app with graphic violence of commercial commercial first person shooters.  Shooting paper targets isn't nearly as fun as digital zombies and terrorists even if they are shaped like coffins. Oh, excuse me. Gun prohibitionists are "purposely obtuse" by design as is their fuckwittery.


The young man makes a lot of sense but then you have to be willing to listen to understand that.


I was testing out the new phone's camera. Much better than the last.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A gunman attempts to rob a man carrying his...

...infant child, and gets shot by the father. The evil git survived and is in police custody. Father and child are safe and that's what really counts.

H/T to David.

...and if your actions result in the loss of one life...

...who gives a fuck. You sure the hell don't.

Friday, January 11, 2013

I don't think so Joe

I was listening to the news on the way to work and I heard a blurb on VP " Foot in Mouth" Biden's interest in James Bond's smart gun from Skyfall. 

OK, here's the deal. When the President's Secret Service Detail adopt smart guns as their duty weapons, when law enforcement Federal, State, and local trade out their Glocks, Sigs, and M&Ps for smart guns, when Bloomberg's, Murdock's, or Gates' security details adopt smart guns I'll think about it. For about two seconds, because the trouble with smart guns is the electronic nature of the "smart" and a firearm that Obama, Biden, Bloomberg, or the statetist prick of your choice can turn off at the touch of a button does me no good at all.

A Response From Senator Hagan

I also wrote Senator Hagan and this is the response.
January 10, 2013

Dear Friend,

Thank you for contacting me regarding the horrific tragedy that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. I appreciate hearing your thoughts on this issue, and my thoughts and prayers remain with the victims and families of this senseless and appalling act of violence.

In the wake of the shooting in Newtown, which left twenty-six innocent members of the community dead, many of them young children, Americans across the country are searching for answers on how we can prevent such tragic events from happening in the future. I believe we must do all we can to put laws and policies in place to prevent future tragedies such as this one. Doing that will require a common-sense debate on a comprehensive approach that examines all relevant issues, including access to firearms, mental healthcare, and the prevalence of violence in video games and media. Additionally, Senator Feinstein has stated her intent to introduce legislation concerning access to firearms at the start of the 113th Congress. To date, that legislation has not been introduced. As always, it is important that we not unnecessarily infringe on the legitimate Second Amendment rights of responsible gun owners.

Like you, I have always been an advocate for Second Amendment rights. My family, like the great state of North Carolina, has a long tradition of hunting and gun ownership, and I take great pride in that heritage. During my tenure in the North Carolina Senate I continuously supported the responsible use of firearms. As your United States Senator, I will always be committed to protecting these fundamental, constitutional rights.

Again, thank you for contacting my office. It is truly an honor to represent North Carolina in the United States Senate, and I hope you will not hesitate to contact me in the future should you have any further questions or concerns. If you would like to stay informed on my work in the Senate, you can sign up for my e-newsletter, follow me on Twitter at @SenatorHagan, or visit my Facebook page.


Kay R. Hagan

John Richardson got the same boilerplate response and has his opinion. Sounds to me like she's spouting the Obama party line. The telling line for mewas "As always, it is important that we not unnecessarily infringe on the legitimate Second Amendment rights of responsible gun owners."

unnecessarily infringe

It's an enumerated right. All infringements of that right are unnecessary AND unconstitutional.

legitimate Second Amendment rights

There are no illegitimate Second Amendment rights.

Sounds like she is more than ready to ignore her responsibilities and stab gun owners in the back.

I got another email from Hagan's office saying their priority in 2013 was Constituent Services. If she, as I expect she will, votes to violate my rights, my priority will be to see her out of office in 2014.

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Howard Coble responds...

I wrote an email to Howard Coble. This is his response.
Dear Mr. XXXXX:

Thank you for contacting our office to share your views regarding the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. We appreciate hearing from you.

There is no remedy for an innocent life that has been taken by the misuse of a firearm. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School is a painful and saddening reminder about the very real threat that is posed by gun violence.

The Second Amendment clearly provides a constitutional right to keep and bear arms but that does not trump the authority of the government to maintain public safety, particularly for children. Although the federal government has an important role regulating the use of guns, most criminal statutes are imposed by state governments. Unfortunately, criminal statutes oftentimes are not enough to stop gun violence, New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts have some of the strongest gun laws in the country, but they also experience high numbers of gun-related crimes.

I believe that the right to bear arms must be exercised responsibly and that the tragedy at Sandy Hook should not be overlooked. Federal and state governments should work together to develop comprehensive policies that will update the manner in which we address gun violence and mental illness. It's clear that stringent laws are not enough to eliminate gun violence, and at the same time, it is obvious that more regulations alone will not ensure our safety from gun violence in the future.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts. We will be sure to keep them in mind should relevant legislation be considered. In the meantime, please feel free to contact our office if we may be of assistance in the future.



Member of Congress

That response struck me as wishy washy as Hell. Soooo...I responded back.
Mr. Coble,

Thank you for your response to my email to you. You write that "The Second Amendment clearly provides a constitutional right to keep and bear arms but that does not trump the authority of the government to maintain public safety, particularly for children.". I must disagree. The entire purpose of the Constitution is to place limits on government action. If the Constitution says you can't do it, then you can't. The Second Amendment clearly states that the rights of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. One of your responsibilities as a Congressman is to use your influence to ensure that legislation that violates the Constitution, in letter or spirit, does not make it out of the House. We are a Constitutional Republic. If the majority feels that a portion of the Constitution is flawed then the way to correct the flaw is set forth in the Constitution itself. You repeal it. you don't rationalize your actions and ignore it. With all due respect sir, do your job.


I know, he'll probably never see, much less read, it. Felt good though.

NRA: 100,000 new members after Sandy Hook shooting

I just renewed my membership and bought one for the semi ex-wife and our son. Once the middle daughter has an address I'll get her one. Hell, come to think of it, I should probably get one for the youngest daughter as well. The more the merrier.

...with Liberty and Justice for All Some...

...but only if you're connected. It's the Chicago way.

Call Wal-Mart

The corporate bigwigs of Wal-Mart have been invited to the White House to comment on before Obama's gun control initiative. There is reason to doubt what position they will take in said meeting. Considering the profits they've made off gun owners I know what it damn well better be. Uncle has directions and a phone number to call and comment. Call, be polite, and tell if they support Obama in his gun control pipe dreams you as a gun owner, or simple lover of liberty, will take your business elsewhere and let your friends know to do it as well.

Lines are open from 7 am to 5:25 pm Central Time.

You didn't need to be a psychic... see this coming.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My daughter thinks I'm crazy.

A couple of years back the semi ex-wife threw out an old Care Bear. I retrieve it from the trash intending to take to the range for target practice. It sat in the van for months then disappeared only to turn up a couple of months ago. Number 3 daughter finally claimed it to wash and give to a needy child. I am not allowed to shoot it. That's a better use for it, besides there's some Barney stuff around the house somewhere.

Out where the buses don't go...

As much as the anti-gun movement would like to portray Alex Jones as represetative of the gun rights movement to scare middle America, he ain't. He's out where the buses don't go...along with Peirs Morgan.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The New Bradys

So I noticed Gabby Giffords and her husband, Mark Kelly, have announced a new gun control initiative. Kelly's a gun owner but they want common sense solutions to gun violence. They want to provide a counter force to the NRA's influence in Washington. The NRA is full if fringe extremists and don't represent the majority of gun owners in this country. Sounds like divide and conquer to me. It also smells of the fat little fingers of Mayor Mikey Bloomberg. Yeah I know. I've not seen anything in print supporting that claim but they met with him and like I said, it smells. OK then. We have two new poster children for the gun control movement and a strategy that should concern us. Our advantage is they are operating on a false premises. The NRA isn't the fringe of gun owners. It's the mainstream. Opposition to an assault weapons ban, magazine ban, and backgrounds on private sales aren't fringe. They just wish they were. Now I'll admit there are fringe elements in any group. We have ours as well. Infringe on our rights and they'll no doubt see them.

While watching the News...

Jay Carney: This President is committed...

Me: He should be.

Hope springs eternal.

What the future holds?

On the News...

So there I was watching the news on WTVD when they had a story on a NCSU emplyee who was arrested for having weapons on campus. Apparently, he had two pistols in his locker and an AR15 in his car. I don't have a problem with reporting this even though I don't see how this truely rates as news. It must have been a slow day in the newsroom. I do have a problem with Kelli O'Hara's need to sensationalize it. You see one of the pistols was "locked and loaded" and the rifle was the "exact same rifle as was used in Newtown". Which has exactly what to do with the story unless she knows something she not telling? She a "journalist" so we know that ain't so.

AND apparently no one could tell O'Hara whether the arrestee had a license for the weapons. Ms. O'Hara, in North Carolina you have tp have a premit to carry weapon concealed on your person. You do not have to have a "license" to own or carry a handgun or a rifle and maybe you should actually do your due diligence, ya know, research, before you report on subject matter you don't have a clue about. I think that's included in your job description.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

The urge to act on gun control

It's not what you might think from the title.

H/T to Uncle.

A world without guns

Nasty, Brutish, and Short

What if...

In Georgia, an evil git breaks into a house during the day. The woman inside hears the man forcing the door, calls her husband, then and takes her two children and hides in a crawlspace. Once in the house the evil git opens the closet door behind which are the woman and her children. He finds the woman, her children, and a .38 revolver pointed at him. The woman empties the revolver into his face hitting him five times. She orders him to the floor and he complies. She takes the children and runs. The police later find the evil git in a nearby driveway. He survived. The woman and her children were frightened but unharmed. It ended relatively well, but what if...

What if the evil git wounded had still been able to attack the woman? What if the evil git had been accompanied by other evil gits. What if the six rounds in the woman's revolver hadn't been enough to get the job done. That's the rub. The prohibitionists seem to think they know how many rounds a person needs to defend themselves. They tell us ten rounds are enough. Reality is they don't know and I don't know. The woman is fortunate the six rounds in her revolver were enough. I'd rather she have had a semi-automatic pistol, in the caliber of her choice, with the "highest" capacity of rounds the magazine would hold. I'll err on the side of caution and the prohibitionist can pound sand.

Narcissist in Chief

For years my house has been... North Carolina's 4th Congressional District. That would be David Price's district. For years, as a gun owner, I've had no representation at all from the man. Since the North Carolina Legislature redrew the Congressional districts my address is now in District 6 and Howard Coble is my representative. Now I've got a rep that scores four stars from the GRNC. I've got a rep that may actually hold some of the same positions on guns and the Constitution that I do. Maybe not all, but I'm still further ahead in the game than I was under Price. That's an amazing feeling.

It ain't a conversation, Mr. President,...

...if gun owners aren't included.

It's a lecture.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Bullet in the Back

That would be gun control Chicago style.
Investigators say two men pretending to be customers walked into the shop Wednesday at about 5:25 p.m. The men attempted to rob Kozel and one of his employees. One of the robbers shot Kozel in the back, as he was trying to get to safety.
This is what the prohibitionists want for the rest of us. A law abiding citizen, unable to defend himself, dead from a bullet in the back fired by a criminal who ignored some of the strictest gun control laws in the country.

H/T to Thirdpower.

...and water's wet.

House Dems introduce new gun control bill.
Call, email, or fax your representatives and let them know where you stand. We need to stop McCarty and the the usual suspects in their tracks.

UPDATE: From John Richardson

Lots Of Bills Filed Fn Congress Yesterday

Assault Hammers?

According to the FBI annual crime statistics, the number of murders committed annually with hammers and clubs far outnumbers the number of murders committed with a rifle.

This is an interesting fact, particularly amid the Democrats' feverish push to ban many different rifles, ostensibly to keep us safe of course.

It's not about saving lives and never has been. It's about control.

H/T to the Duck.

What's going on in Illinois...

...and what we might expect the prohibitionists to attempt elsewhere.
The Floor Amendments In Illinois (Updated)
This should worry us all. Gun Owners in Illinois need to call their representatives and demand they oppose this bullshit. If this passes, what follows will be interesting and instructive.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Killing Them Softly...

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Choose Your Own Crime Statistics

Also take a look at this.

America Doesn’t Have a Gun Problem, It Has a Gang Problem

It's not about reducing violence. It's about controlling the bitter clingers. It's not about facts. It about manipulating the narrative to achieve their goals. It about that making a fundamental change in America whether we want it or not because they know better.
H/T to Sean and Firehand.

Happy New Year

I suspect it's all downhill from here. Then again...