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Connecticut: The Next Step

Connecticut Moves One Step Closer To All Out Confiscation Of Guns & Magazines
The State Police have sent out letters to those that attempted to register, but were rejected,ordering them to turn 'em in. That that was going to happen was a foregone conclusion and shouldn't surprise anyone. To what lengths they'll go to track down those that didn't even attempt to register is the next question. Oh, and what those guys will do if the police end up on their front step? [Source: Ammoland]

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I wouldn't get too excited @NRA - I'm not done with you yet. - Piers Morgan
We should worry 'cuz your activism has done exactly what so far?

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And so the problem with "Smart" guns isn't that the technology might not work. The problem is that it might work all too well. - Borepatch
Dead on.

The General [1926]

In April of 1862 some Union soldiers and civilians came south to steal a train. It didn't turn out so well for them. Buster Keaton made a comedy about it from the Southern perspective. It's my favorite silent film.

Disney made their version in 1956 called The Great Locomotive Chase. It's good too.

The Union soldiers involved in the raid where the first to receive the Medal of Honor.

Raise up a child...

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A circus is a circus is a....

Well, yeah...

...those anthropogenic global warming twits wish they had the track record of the Almanac.
Report: Farmers’ Almanac more accurate than government climate scientists

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Planes, trains, and...

...keep up the good work Reverend Jackson. 'Cuz every time you open your mouth and spout nonsense you provide one more bit of proof as to what ignorant gits gun prohibitionists are. So please, keep helping us out.

Molon labe

...'cuz gun owners sure the hell ain't givin' them up.
Round Up (Tens of Thousands of) Gun Registration Scofflaws, Rants Hartford Courant Editorial Board
Those guys at the Hartford Courant act like that's a bad thing.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Remington is moving to Alabama.

It may not happen all at once. A few jobs may stay North of the Mason Dixon line, but Remington and the jobs are headed South. Take THAT Cuomo and your SAFE Act. a MoFo.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Given my druthers, I'll side with the deniers.

Climate change deniers are the new ‘Flat Earth Society’: Kerry

Climate scientists slam Obama science czar’s ‘pseudo-science rambling’ on global warming

They make more sense.

Recently Read

Timebound - Rysa Walker
The Sea Without a Shore - David Drake
A Call to Duty - David Weber & Timothy Zahn
Cauldron of Ghosts - Eric Flint & David Weber
The Forever Engine - Frank Chadwick

All good stuff. You expect that of anything from Weber, Flint, Drake or Zahn. These were the first books I'd read by Walker and Chadwick, and, in fact, Walker's first novel. I enjoyed them both and look forward to more.

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That's just cruel.

New "Firefly" Is Unlikely, Yet Possible?
Ain't gonna happen. Even bringing it up is teasing.

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Bill Whittle: Destination Russia!

Now that's good news.

9th Circuit: "Good cause" Violates Second Amendment
Prohibitionists may still have other reasons to justify "may issue" but, at least in the 9th Circuit, "good cause" is no longer one of them. I'll take it as a win for the good guys.

Billy Johnson: Just Say No To Firearm Ignorance

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

What they did was an improper use of force.

Eight Police Officers Fire 103 Times At Two Unarmed Women Delivering Newspapers . . . Commission Rejects Calls For Any Officer To Be Fired Or Even Suspended
It's also assault with a deadly weapon or whatever California calls it. Suspension shouldn't even be on the table. They should be charged and fired. I know, that ain't gonna happen.

What a difference an hour makes...

...but it could be worse and probably will be.

Next morning. Freezing rain from about midnight on.

Snowing again.

I still have power. Wish I could quit while I was ahead. No more snow pics. I'm done.

Now I'm done.

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The NRA has a new t-shirt.

I like this logo better.

H/T to Uncle.

It's GOOD to be the KING

That's the good thing as a President, I can do whatever I want. - President Barack Obama
Probably every recent President has thought it, but how many have had the unmitigated gall to thumb their nose at the American people by saying it. He doesn't see himself as president. He see himself as king. Impeach him.

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It won't mean a whole lot to you unless you read non-superhero comics. I can pretty much guarantee it will offend just about everyone if the producers do it right. If they manage to do it right, it'll be a helluva ride
AMC's "Preacher" Series Is Now Official

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School officials are no fans of gun ban signs
...because they have a silhouette of of a gun on them. You truly can't make this shit up.

UPDATE: 2/6/2014]

So I Saw This Panicky Article...
Not so much school officials as school officials trying to find a reasonable response to panicky parents. I still say you can't make this shit up.

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I'd druther not.

I'm happy with my old school technology that works when I pull the trigger and that doesn't have electronic parts that can be disrupted or jammed.
Check Out The James Bond-Style Gun That Only Works When Fired By Owner

Thumb to nose, wiggle fingers.

Colorado’s new gun control laws proving difficult to enforce

Billy Johnson: “You Say Want, I Say Need”

Take a few minutes and read...


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Bill Whittle: Boiling Frogs

I suspect The View's ratings will go up...

...for at least one episode.
Lefties Try To Silence Pro-Gun Commentator
And I don't see this so much as Dana Loesch walking into the lion's den as entering a target rich environment. This should be fun.

I like this cartoon...

...but to get it right the artist should replace McCain with Establishment Republicans 'cause McCain ain't the only member of the GOP bent on committing political suicide by alienating their constituents in flyover country on immigration and any number of other issues. .