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Recent Addition: The Last


Unused cover for a planned book by Wayne Vansant depicting what I believe is the Battle of Appomattox Station. Wayne wasn't sure. This is not original art. It is a print hand colored by Wayne Vansant.











Recent Additions: The More to Come

This is the rest of what I picked up at Heroes Con 2024


A preliminary drawing for an Albedo #2 [Usagi Yojimbo Cover] Homage by Dan Parent. The character is April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.















A sketch of Katchho from Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore.

Black Canary by Mike Grell

A remarque by Mark A. Nelson drawn in my copy of Aliens Book One.













A page from Wayne Vansant's Days of Darkness about the opening days of the Pacific War.














The 'Nam #56   page #18. by Wayne Vansant and Tony Dezuniga.














Leia, a preliminary drawing by Dan Parent














A preliminary drawing by Howard Chaykin














Unused Cover for Battron: Against the Chariots by Wayne Vansant.














Cover for Battron: Before the Chariots by Wayne Vansant.














Signed/Numbered Limited Edition Strangers in Paradise print by Terry Moore.














Usagi Yojimbo remarque by Gene Ha

How I Spent My Father's Day Weekend

Heroes Con 2024

Recent Addition - Inspector Ishida and Usagi Yojimbo

Inspector Ishida and Usagi Yojimbo by Jared Cullum. I picked this up at Heroes Con 2024 in Charlotte NC. More to come.

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The Sentence Will be a Slap on the Wrist

If that and I'm not sure that bothers me. They have to punish him for the crime he was convicted of not the other shit he did and got away with.
Verdict Reached in Hunter Biden Trial

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Hostage Rescue Done Right

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June 4, 1989

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