Thursday, February 28, 2013

Twenty years ago today...

...agents of the ATF conducted a raid on a compound of armed religious apocalyptics with the intent to arrest their leader on firearms violations. They could have picked him up during one of his daily incursions into nearby Waco but that wouldn't have played as well on the evening news. The day ended as anybody but a government bureaucrat might have expected: four agents and five Davidians dead. Hell followed.

On the New York Boycott...

From Barron:
MagPul is a great example and they do not deserve to be knifed in the back as a traitor. As Tam has said, we in this community are fantastic at stabbing traitors in the back but we need to be sure they actually are a traitor. Some may not support the boycott not because they support police over the rest of us, but because of legal fears from being publicly traded, or disagreement on how effective that tactic will be at garnering support among the people who actually use the products.
...and from Sean.
The Naughty List is gone because I’ve decided to get rid of the negative. This list is a shopping list of people who stand by your rights. Tam says we’re absolutely awesome at “knifing traitors.” Unfortunately that means we are quick to find traitors in need of knifing. When the day comes that we need to work together to knife a traitor, you can be sure I’ll be there. Right now is not that time. Right now is the time to build allies.
The list is up to one hundred and three. If I'm in the market for new hardware these guys get first shot.

It's because they're special.

Cuomo Announces Plans To Modify Gun Control Law To Exempt Film Industry

Horse Pucky

White House says it didn't approve release of illegal immigrants
...and the White House didn't know anything about Fast and Furious either.

God only knows when this made its first....

...round on the web, but it's pretty damn funny.

H/T to Pissed.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

From the Whiteboard

Why yes, it is... silly bitch, since what you deem my "personal pleasures" also involve my "fundamental rights". Also, it isn't in the general welfare to make the citizens of this county sitting ducks to the likes of you*. In fact dealing with the likes of you is why we have a Second Amendment. 
The mothers, the women, the men of America have to make a decision as to whether their personal pleasure is more important than the general welfare, - Sen. Diane Feinstein.
*criminals, politicians, and various other lowlifes.


To date, ninty-seven companies...

...have joined the New York Boycott.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

In Chicago...

...Mayor Mikey buys an election. The plus is he probably wasted the money since the result was more or less foregone.

On the New York Boycott...

...and why the publicly traded firearms companies may not be joining the boycott.
The Cascade of Companies Boycotting NY Continues
The article Sebastian quotes can be found here.

Signs of Global Climate Warming Change

UPDATE: A (semi) complete list of things caused by global warming.

Thanks to Veeshir.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

On the New York Boycott...

I'm reminded of "Braveheart," where the titled and propertied lairds cut their own deals with Longshanks and withdrew from the field, leaving the freedom fighters to take all the risks and suffer all the losses. It's past time the entire industry was put on notice and then held accountable for any cowardice in this time of threat on all fronts. - David Codrea

Universal Background Checks = Registration = Confiscation

Democrats say that keeping records of private sales is necessary to enforce any new law and because current federal law requires licensed firearm dealers to keep records. Records of private sales also would help law enforcement trace back the history of a gun used in a crime, according to Democratic aides. Republicans, however, believe that records of private sales could put an undue burden on gun owners or could be perceived by gun rights advocates as a precursor to a national gun registry.
...and a national gun registry is a precursor to confiscation. The prohibitionists' goal is clear if not immediate, and that is to confiscate our guns. Any Senator or Congressman who votes for background checks on private sales is a prohibitionist. any Senator or Congressman who votes for gun control at any level is a prohibitionist and an enemy and must be dealt with accordingly in coming elections. Any ground given to the prohibitionists is a irreparable blow to our liberty. There is no cover. There is no middle ground. There is no compromise.

Call your representatives and make this point clear.

H/T to Bob.

Keep up the good work Joe.

No law abiding citizen of the United States of America has any fear that their constitutional rights will be infringed in any way. None. Zero. VP Joe Biden
. So Joe, if I think your actions and that of the prohibitionists in Congress and other legislative bodies infringes my constitutional rights I'm not law abiding? I'm a criminal? It's a wonder anyone can understand a damn thing you say around that foot stuffed in your mouth, or is it your head up your ass? Keep up the good work Joe.

H/T to Sean.

Mixed Results

The way I read it is we have a right to carry outside the home, just not necessarily concealed. Maybe the Supreme Court can clear it up for us.

Stand and Fight: We Are America

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Son uses firearm to protect parents from home invaders

In Texas, three young armed thugs forced their way into a house. They attacked the father then the mother. Their twenty-one year old son ran to the back bedroom and got his father's gun. He then opened fire hitting and killing one of the thugs. The others took the hint and fled. The remaining thugs were later picked up by local law enforcement. leaps and bounds.

...and the New York Boycott now stands at forty-one forty-four forty-eight fifty-three fifty-seven* businesses.

Image via Firehand.

* ...and that's just today.

...and just because...

...I think its funny.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


There are nineteen firearms businesses participating in the boycott now. That's eleven since Sunday and that's amazing.

H/T to Sean.

Compromise from the SAF?

Second Amendment activist Alan Gottlieb said Tuesday he has offered to back a controversial gun-control proposal — if lawmakers agree to end what some see as a de facto database of handgun owners.
I seriously hope this is a misquote. After all the good work they've done for gun owners it'd be a shame for them to piss it all away supporting Obama's gun control agenda at any level.

H/T to David.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Choosing Sides

Wrong side.
Thanks for posting this email. I just received a concerned telephone call about it, an email from the staffer who stimulated the mail.

I think a bit of clarification is in order.

The root of the matter is a HUGE series of inquiries by both email and telephone asking ArmaLite to cut off sales to New York and other states which deny its citizens the right to own our rifles, as several other firms have done. Some of the contacts have been duplicates of others and some were so redundant that they appeared to be spam. Many of them have been rude and I'm afraid one of my staffers thought that he was responding to a spammer and was more terse than he should have been. Once he realized what happened he came to me and apologized. My purpose here is to pass on his apology from the corporate level and to answer the initial question: What is ArmaLite going to do?

ArmaLite is continuing a policy put into place when California first banned our rifles. That policy remains:

1. We will not sell to those states which deny it's honorable citizens the right to own ArmaLite's.

2. We do not halt sales to individual officers even in problematic states. I am a former Police Officer myself, and the staffer who stimulated the recent anger is a currently serving one. We are well familiar with the fact that most rifles serving Police Officers are purchased by the officers themselves, and that they shouldn't be punished for the actions of their political elite.

We consider sales to those sate subdivisions which are not engaged or potentially engaged with disarming its citizens. DNR and Forestry Departments, for instance, sometimes serve in remote areas that conceal drug farms and their officers deserve good hardware.

3. We will not sell to those lower political subdivisions that deny their honorable citizens the right to own ArmaLite's. Chicago, for instance, prohibits its citizens from owning ArmaLite's within the city limits so we make no effort to sell into that city. We have many friends on the Chicago Police Department and have continued to sell to them individually.

Our observation is that most County Sheriffs disagree with banning sales of our rifles and many publicly refuse to enforce such laws. We sell to those departments and to their Deputies, but will not sell to those County departments headed by Sheriffs who would deny their citizens the same rights.

In short, Americans need not worry that ArmaLite is selling to those who betray them.

As you can see by reading posts on the topic, some readers have been harsh with their criticism of ArmaLite. It was in response to this atmosphere that my staffer reacted harshly. He's come to me and apologized and I personally am passing my own apology along with his.

But don't be mistaken, ArmaLite is strongly involved with both personal, corporate, and political efforts at the State, National, and International level to protect our civil rights. And we'll continue to support your shooting needs as the situation moves forward.

Mark Westrom
ArmaLite Inc.

This is fence sitting bullshit. Armalite has chosen to support those who will be tasked with enforcing unconstitutional gun control laws over law-abiding gun owners. Can Armalite survive on law enforcement sales alone? I guess they're gonna find out.

H/T to Sean.

Monday, February 18, 2013


McCain on gun control: Most of the Senate will support universal background checks
See you in 2014, you liberty hating, prohibitionist bastards.

AR wielding guard foils robbers.

In Detriot, two evil armed gits try to rob a tax preparation business and are run off by a security guard armed with a AR15. Shots were exchanged. the security guard was shot in the leg. The evil gits ran, based on the video, like scared rabbits. They are believed unharmed. Damn. Better luck next time.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

The New York boycott gets a reaction.

I can't find any link to this through Google or on NPR. The only post I've found so far was at Popehat.

Apparently, NPR did a story about how one, Chief Michael Biasotti, president of the New York State Association of Chiefs of Police, is butt hurt over Olympic Arms refusal to do business with New York State agencies as long as the State of New York's new unconstitutional gun laws are in effect. This is apparently bullying. Seriously? Well then, let's have more bullying. The list is now at seven bullies.

UPDATE: From Comments Michael Biasotti responds.

Appartntly Not! You can't find a link because their is none, I never spoke to NPR nor am I "Hurt" over Olmpic Arms refusal to do business with New York State. I am President of The New York State Association of Chiefs of Police but that is the only accurate statement! I fully support the second amendment and have no idea what "Popehat" is or what they are talking about!

Michael Biasotti

If the prohibitionists get their way...

The Shooters

...and then there were six.

Cheaper Than Dirt

It has been and will continue to be Cheaper Than Dirt’s policy to not to sell prohibited items to government agencies and/or agents in states, counties, cities, and municipalities that have enacted restrictive gun control laws against their citizens.

From little acorns...

H/T to Sean.

Not all threats to our liberties are direct.

I remember reading somewhere about a family of German Christians that had chosen to home school their children to essentially keep them from the indoctrination of the German public schools. The German courts came down on them hard. I hadn't realized the Romeikes had fled Germany for the United States and were granted asylum. The Holder Justice Department is trying to sent them back because in his view and that of the current administration they don't have the right to educate their children as they see fit. The case is currently before the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Won't effect us here in the United States you might say?


What makes you think that Obama's Department of Education won't take a win on this case to heart and use it to good effect on local home school movement?

The United States Supreme Court has made it very clear in the past that religious freedom is an individual right. Yet our current government does not seem to understand this. They only think of us as members of groups and factions. It is an extreme form of identity politics that directly threatens any understanding of individual liberty.
This is as much a threat on our individual liberties as Obama's current assault on the Second Amendment.

Friday, February 15, 2013

What's left unsaid is "right now".

Obama seeks to allay fears: 'I actually don’t think we should ban handguns'
The man has an adversarial relationship with the truth.

His goal isn't to reduce gun violence. If so, by his logic, the focus would have to be handguns. They're the weapon of choice for criminals. Rifles, and the subset, scary black rifles, are used rarely in crime. Hammers are used more often. In truth, Obama believes in the insurrectionist interpretation of the Second Amendment and the rifle is the weapon of choice for the insurrectionist. His current focus on "assault weapons" isn't about mass killings. It isn't about reducing gun violence. It isn't about reducing crime. It's about removing a threat to the progressive agenda. So handguns aren't so important now. They'll come later.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Mandatory Gun Buybacks?

Another way of saying confiscation?

But we're paranoid to believe this is Obama's endgame.

Homeowner shoots housebreaker.

In Chehalis, Washington, a man was awakened from sleep by noise outside his house. He armed himself, called 911, and waited. When an evil git broke into his house, he challenged him. The evil git charged and he fired once. They fought and he was able to break away from the evil git and hold him at gun point until the deputies arrived. The home owner and wife were unharmed. The evil git is in stable condition in a local hospital.

The local Sheriff has a refreshingly realistic point of view on the matter.

"My office works very hard in ensuring people feel safe and secure in Lewis County. However, people have to be prepared to protect themselves in situations like this in their own homes. Our response times are as fast we can make them, but there may be a time when you are by yourself and you are forced to make a life or death decision to protect yourself and your family, like this man did,” said Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield.

"About the only thing I can say that the victim could have done differently (is that) he could have fired sooner, he could have fired more often, and he could have used a better brand of ammunition," Mansfield said Monday at a news conference.

Store owner defends self with rifle taken from robber.

In Aberdeen, North Carolina, four subjects entered a furniture store and attempted a robbery with a rifle and brass knuckles. The owner was able to take the rifle from one subject and in doing so shot and killed said subject. The other three fled. Two are now in custody.

Wait a second... shouldn't the bad guys have taken a gun from the store owner and used it on him?

Another Firearm's Company takes the high road.

Olympic Arms, Inc. Press Release
Hey guys, it will only work if you all step up.

Sean has started a page listing the companies joining the boycott.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013

A good start

LaRue Tactical: News Release
Wish they had applied it to Federal Agencies as well.

GRNC suggests we ask some other firearms companies to put a little skin in the game as well.

Warm Bodies

Zombie meets girl. Zombie falls for girl. Apparently love conquers all. Even zombiehood.

Its not like we weren't aware of their biases.

ABC, CBS, NBC Slant 8 to 1 for Obama's Gun Control Crusade
Fortunately, they aren't the gatekeepers of what's newsworthy any longer.


So God Made a Democrat

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Indoctrination 101

7-year-old playing an imaginary game at school gets suspended for real
The school administrators who thought this one up are the ones who should be suspended. This is where we are going to lose the battle. These nitwits control our children's minds for several hours a day. Home school your kids. You can't do any worse a job than these professionals.

H/T to Claire.

Read the fine print.

It’s very clever actually.

According to the bill, any semiautomatic firearm that uses a magazine — handgun, rifle or shotgun — equipped with a “pistol grip,” would be banned. That sounds like a limitation, but it is not.

A pistol grip (on page 2) is defined (on page 13) as “a grip, a thumb-hole stock, or any other characteristic that can function as a grip.” In other words, the gun list does not matter. It is a smokescreen designed to distract people from the true meaning of the bill. And it has done a magnificent job. It worked!

Any semi-automatic firearm that exists, with anything on it you can grip, is banned.

How can you tell when a prohibitionist is lying?

Rep. Sarbanes: Some Gun Makers Build Sales Models on Assumption 20% ‘Will Get Sold Illegally’
Their lips are moving, and/or they're on camera. Breathing. That works too.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bill Whittle: Virtual Inaugural Address 2013

In [formerly] Great Britain...

Muslim abuser who 'didn't know' that sex with a girl of 13 was illegal is spared jail
At the very least, the judge should have let the father have five minutes alone with the pedophile with the only stipulations being he couldn't kill him or permanently disable him. Methinks that would have gotten across the idea that bedding children is a bad thing. Just saying.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

LIberal Logic

Bruce Willis on the Second

I think that you can't start to pick apart anything out of the Bill of Rights without thinking that it's all going to become undone," Willis told The Associated Press in a recent interview while promoting his latest film, "A Good Day To Die Hard." ''If you take one out or change one law, then why wouldn't they take all your rights away from you?
Nice to know not everyone in Hollyweird has sipped of the Kool-Aid.

The funny thing is you evil git.... that taxpayers will continue to cover the costs of gun violence even if you force gun owners to buy insurance. Why? Like background checks, the people causing the majority of injuries and deaths from firearms are criminals and don't have their guns legally and therefore do not undergo background checks and will not have insurance. But you know that you evil disingenuous prick. No insurance company in their right mind will offer "gun violence" insurance and if by chance they do, it will be priced so high the cost will price firearms out of the reach of most people. That's what this "gun violence" insurance is all about. Disarmament. You're too fucking cowardly to propose an outright ban. Mr. Ting, you and your fellow travelers have already spent California's economy into the crapper. Keep doing shit like this, and the only people left in California will be you and those who can't afford to leave.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

That's one dangerous criminal you just got off the streets...

In Alexandria, Virginia, A fifth reader brought a toy gun to school and showed it to another student on the bus. the police arrested him for brandishing a weapon. Really guys, couldn't this have been handled in house? Better yet, couldn't he have been turned over to his parents for appropriate action? This the zero tolerance mindset at its most inane.

"Leave us the hell alone."

Ted Nugent kicks Piers Morgan's butt. Unfortunately, I suspect the point went past most of CNN's viewers

GRNC Gun Rights Rally, Raleigh NC.

Damn good turnout for noon on a Tuesday.

Uh Huh.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A Father's Warning

H/T to Uncle.

In the Senate...

He called for expanding background checks and steps to halt federal gun trafficking while saying the Senate should "take a look at" unspecified limits on ammunition magazines.
This is what e get from that sterling advocate of the Second Amendment Harry Reid. In North Carolina I'm confident Richard Burr will oppose the legislation. Hagan, I expect, will vote yea. Call your Senators and tell them, not no, but hell no.

Intolerant Zeroes

In Arizona, a high School student was suspended for three days for having a picture of an AK-47 on the desktop background of a school issued laptop. It was not a violent picture unless you consider a picture of a firearm inherently violent. The father of the student went to the local news and the school backed down. Maybe a lawyer would have been better.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night, nor traffic lights stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Now that's pretty frickin' funny.

Poor Victim Selection

In Detroit, two armed evil gits chose to attempt to rob a high school women's basketball coach and two of his players in the school parking lot. He shot them both after one of the evil gits grabbed him and displayed a weapon. The coach was 70 years old. The two gits were former students at the high school. They didn't learn much while they were there or they'd have know...those old guys will kill you. One learned the lesson too late. The other is in a local hospital.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Not what I expected.


I saw this when I took my kids to see Wreck It Ralph. I liked it better than the feature. Humorous, romantic, fantasy. Whimsical, that's the word I'm looking for. Damn,I'm a sap sometimes. Enjoy

GRNC Second Amendment Freedom Rally

February 5th. Details here.

Anyone from Durham going? Maybe we can carpool. I'll gladly contribute gas money.

A Public Service Annoucement

Via Claire.