Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Jack-o-Lantern by Ruthie.

DE: Woman Shoots Ex-Husband

In Delaware a woman shot her ex-husband after he broke into her home and beat her. The protective order apparently didn't get the message of "leave me the fuck alone" across. The bullet did.

H/T to John Lott.

If the people of California have a sudden...

...attack of sanity, we might be this lucky, but I'm not putting any money on it.

There's a reason they're called "The Stupid Party"

Friendly Fire: Republicans Fume at NRA's Endorsement of Democrats
I believe the NRA has been short sighted in many of their endorsements. Many Democrats vote "no" on gun bills but "yes" on, say, Supreme Court nominations and other legislation that have the potential to do gun owners great harm in the long run. The NRA endorses them anyway. I don't like it. I do understand it and the new members of Congress had best understand that as well. People aren't giving you their vote because you are a Republican. They are giving you their vote because you're not a Democrat. I believe most gun owners understand why the NRA does what it does and vote for the best candidate anyway. Taking those endorsements out on gun owners by refusing to vote for legislation supported by the NRA and gun owners would be a mistake. It's a mistake for which your party might pay in, say, 2012.

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New Link...

...on the sidebar. It strikes me that the Second Amendment Foundation is doing quite a bit of the heavy lifting in the fight to restore and protect the Second Amendment. Give them your support.

H/T to Borepatch.

NC: Constitutional Amendment

The amendment would prevent a felon from holding the office of Sheriff. It struck me as common sense. Maybe not. Some other opinions here and here.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

ATF Agent on trial for murder in the Virgin Islands.

Sorry dude but I don’t think Federal Law Enforcement should be exempt from criminal liability when they violate local laws under color of badge or otherwise. Those that enforce the law aren’t above it. In this case, it looks to me like legitimate self-defense. I hope the jury see it that way as well.

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The Whiteboard

Added to the side bar. Neat stuff.

Friday, October 29, 2010


The AARP just sent me a application.

Attack Ads... American tradition.

Another example of this fine tradition.

H/T to Sebastian on the video.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

On the North Carolina Ballot... a constitutional amendment providing that no one convicted of a felony may serve as Sheriff. Actually, words kinda fail me on this one. You would think, well...duh.

Early Voting

Done. Now the wait and see.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wherer Zombies Shop.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Home Invasion by men dressed as ATF Agents.

Men dressed in black posing as ATF Agents broke into a house in Alabama, shot and killed a resident, then held the rest at gun point while they stole money and electronics.

So what do you do if black clad thugs kick in your door claiming to be Federal Agents or local police? If you shoot them and they're bad guys you're a hero. If you shoot them and they're cops you're screwed. If you take no action you may be screwed. Hell of a dilemma. A solution may be for the cops to stop wearing tactical/military wear that anyone with a credit card can buy and go back to being the police.

H/T to David H.

I hope.

Monday, October 25, 2010

This baby snapper was...

...found wandering downrange today.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

CIFTA Stalled.

I prefer dead, but that'll work for now. I don't care to be obligated to a treaty even if it only mirrors current U. S. law. We might want to change that law one day and the antis would love to say we can't because of a treaty.

The best thing the United States can probably do to help Mexico with their gun problem isn't a treaty but to end sales to their government. Just saying.

H/T to The Duck

Fox and the terror loophole.

I was watching Fox and Friends this morning and they aired a story on a new report about the terror gap and how terrorists and suspected terrorists on the watchlist can easily buy guns and how NICS doesn't pick them up or bar the sale. The story cited a report that says we're going to have a Mumbai-style terror event unless this is changed. This terror watch list Senator Frank Lautenberg is the person behind the report cited.

Fox aired this story with out any rebuttal or opposing opinion. I guess they believe it's common sense that United States Citizens should be stripped of a fundamental right to keep and bear arms without recourse, or more importantly simple due process, by a faceless government bureaucrat. They imply this is a National Security issue and so should be taken out of the hands of those legislators helpless before the power of the gun lobby.

Fox provides no opportunity for supporters of RKBA to point out that Lautenberg is a notoriuos pimp for the anti-gun movement and will tell whatever lie and distort any fact to achieve his goal. They fail to note that this terror loophole is the latest bogyman in a long line intended to scare people into giving up their rights in exchange for non-existent security. India had and has stringent gun control. Mumbai still took place. In this case Fox has demonstrated it's either clueless or intentionally deceptive and no different from the other national media outlets.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Sue the sons of...

At work I occasionally have to respond to email from Administrators and I'll have a co-worker read over it to make sure some of my opinion for the person I'm sending it to hasn't slipped into the missive. We call that bit of job preservation our "sarcasm check". Maybe the City of Phoenix should have someone to review actions that might get them sued because the action is unconstitutional or something. That would be someone other than the city's current attorney since that attorney let this one slip by.
The city of Phoenix, in an apparently arbitrary move and without formal legal process, has forced CBS Outdoors to tear down 50 illuminated bus-shelter billboards under contract to promote gun safety training for children and their parents.
H/T to Uncle.

Friday, October 22, 2010

I worked so hard... screw us over for the last twenty years. David Zucker puts one right between Barbara Boxer's eyes. Ha!

H/T to John R.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Elizabeth Moon on Citizenship.

Some people apparently have a problem with others voicing opinions contary to theirs'. Moon writes excellent science fiction and fantasy novels. If you haven't read anything by her I highly recommend them. If you think she has a right to her opinion and like good books vote with your pocketbook/wallet.

H/T to Glenn.

Dafydd ab Hugh on why NPR...

...canned Juan Williams.
Juan Williams was fired for giving aid and comfort to "the enemy"... because NPR and other liberal bastions have always considered themselves at war with the Right. He violated the cardinal epistemic closure demanded by the Left: Williams treated the Right as human beings, and worse, as people.
Speaking your mind and getting fired should always be this profitable . Screw you NPR.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Day at the Fair

My son dances with the Little River Cloggers. I spent the day with him at the Folk Art Festival at the North Carolina State Fair. We just got home. No blogging today.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Update on the Korean Garands

Daniel Gallington writes that the Garands being held in Korean are already the property of the United States Government having been loaned, not sold, to them. Getting them back is as simple as the U. S. Army making a request that the Koreans return them. So the U. S. Army so they can then be given to the Civilian Marksmanship Program for grading and distribution to gun clubs and collectors. So why is the State Department characterizing this as a “sale” or “import”? Doing so put the State Department and the ATF into a position to regulate the transfer and plant roadblocks.

How many of you guys and gals are getting tired of this backdoor bureaucratic bullshit?

H/T to Uncle.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

I just finished reading...

...Weber's Mission of Honor and I'm slowly making my way through the Heinlein bio. Next up is David Drake's latest Lt. Leary novel. Larry Correia's latest Monster Hunter International book is on the shelf waiting but only because the other books are library books and I actually paid for the MHI: Vendetta. I also noticed that Larry's next release, Hard Magic, has been posted over at Baen for release in May 2011. So many good books, so little time.

NC: Son Defends Mother in Robbery Attempt.

In Weldon, North Carolina, a mother and her son were sitting in a car under their carport when two thugs approached with a handgun and demanded money. The son managed to get into his house and get a gun. He returned to the carport and fired on the robbers hitting one in the leg. The robbers fled and were later found and arrested. Self-Defense: it's breaking out everywhere.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

NC: Robber Shot in Hold-Up.

In Johnston County, North Carolina, an armed robber walked into a store where the owner, his 13 year old son, and two female employees were working. He pointed a gun at the 13 year old. Th e owner came out of the back of the store with his weapon and exchanged gun fire with the robber hitting him. The robber fled. The owner followed him into the parking lot and then exchanged fire with the robber's companion. The companion fled. The robber was found dead in a nearby van. The companion was later found and arrested. In a perfect world this wouldn't have happened but we don't live in such a world so this ending works for me. Four good people come through unharmed and the bad guys end up dead or in jail. That a good enough ending.

The way things outta be

In Georgia, a homeowner caught two thugs breaking into his house. They exchanged gunfire. The end result: one thug wounded and in the hospital, one thug on the loose, and the homeowner safe in his home. Yes the two thugs are still breathing and one is one the loose but on the whole an acceptable resolution. Bad guys break into a house and get shot. The way things outta be.

H/T to Zendo Deb .

More Mexican meme BS from Clinton

Americans have demonstrated an "insatiable demand" for illegal drugs, and the U.S. has failed to crack down on the thousands and thousands of weapons trafficked into Mexico - Hillary Clinton, October15, 2010.
Madam Secretary, I wager that if the United States stopped selling military arms to the Mexican government you'd damn well crack down "the thousands and thousands of weapons trafficked into Mexico" and that if you did so if wouldn't change a damn thing down south.

Friday, October 15, 2010

OH: Robber Shot by Victim

In Cleveland, Ohio a man was robbed at gunpoint outside his apartment by four thugs. They then forced him to take them to his apartment where his fiancée and three children waited. At the door the victim decided not to be one anymore and to place his life at risk to protect his family. He jumped the robber holding the gun and managed to shoot the robber in the chest with the robber's own gun. The others fled. The shot robber died. At least one of the surviving robbers is facing a charge of murder in the death of his companion. What makes me angry is how many times this thug has been arrested for this kind of crap in the past, and he was still walking the street. To the Cleveland authorities: do you think you can get it right this time? Probably not.

Bill O’Reilly could have told them the... was blue and they would have walked off the set. Debate? Polite discourse? No surprise here.

H/T to Firehand.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

There have been sightings of the Frogman.

Damn. I was afraid someone had gigged him. Glad to see [relatively] new postings.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


These police officers showed it when they probably didn't have to. They're not from Las Vegas. Good work guys.

H/T to The Duck.

B. J. Lawson V. David Price

B. J. Lawson has the best chance of unseating Price since 1994. The last time David Price was kicked to the curb was 1994. He was returned to office in 1996. Of course, the problem may be keeping him out. Price is not a friend to gun owners. His wife Lisa Price ran North Carolinians Against Gun Violence for years. It's time for him to go.

Via Randy.

More Neat

Lightning and Lady Liberty

H/T to Radley.


Bullet spinning in ice.

H/T to Uncle

NC: Pipe Wielder Shot

In Cherryville, North Carolina a man was shot in the arm when he tried to club a guy and his girlfriend with a metal pipe. When he tried to club the couple the guy pulled a .22 and shot him. The pipe wielder was arrested after treatment.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Where's Muhammad?

Not here. But you can find it here [for now] and here. The story is here.

H/T to Uncle.

Gun Control by faceless government bureaucrat.

David Codrea provides the document that the Obama Administration is using to justify their blocking of the transfer of the Korean Garands back to the United Stated and the untrustworthy hands of we the people. I wonder who they're really afraid we might use them on?

It's not hard to guess what agency it originated from.

Scary Interesting...

13 Steps That Would Guarantee The Next Economic Collapse
Would? Looks to me more like will, are, am happening now.

H/T to Claire.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Testing Level IIIA Body Armor...

...over at Box of Truth.

Via Glenn.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

NC: Near Miss

An employee at Duke University sets his backpack down and the revolver inside discharges. Despite Murphy being fully involved none of the students or employees in the area gets injured or dead. The employee gets arrested and is now almost certainly looking for a new job and a lawyer.

Rule #2 and #3 FAIL

Too stupid to...well, form your own opinion.

Update: Link's working now. Let me know if it breaks again.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Who woulda thought the Founders...

...had a crystal ball. Check out
the excerpts from and commentary on Federalist #62 at Clayton Cramer's blog.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

American Hunters and Shooters Association is... more. At least the website is defunct. No loss.

H/T to Thirdpower.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

And it was such a nice keyboard...

From Attack Cartoons.

The 2010 Voter's Guide...

...from Grass Roots North Carolina can be found here. Use it.

Via John R.

Korean Garand Update

Senator Jon Tester has introduced a bill to allow the importation to the United States of American made rifles given/sold to foreign governments. He’s also requested an explanation from the State Department for their current position on blocking the the return of the Korean Garands. Maybe he’ll be able to bully Obama into letting them in and if not maybe the bill will become law. Word is he’s got his head up Obama’s butt on every other issue so maybe he can get this straight before he gets kicked to the curb in 2014.

H/T to Uncle.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

It's raining lawsuits...

...and that's a good thing at least in this case. A couple are suing the Postal Service because of the ban on bringing firearms onto their property. As usual, John has the details.

Now that's ...


H/T to wizardpc.

Wisconsin Carry Lawsuit

In Madison Wisconsin, if you engage in legal activity that the police don’t like you get arrested on bullshit charges. When it becomes obvious those charges don’t fit the situation they drop them and charge you with other bullshit charges.

Open carry is constitutionally protected in Wisconsin. Five guys openly displaying their holstered handguns while enjoying dinner at a restaurant were called in to the Madison police. The female caller called because she was concerned but acknowledges they aren’t doing anything to cause concern other than carrying firearms, and when told open carry was legal by the police communicator replied “then they’re not doing anything wrong.” The police go anyway. The guys were charged with obstruction when they refused to provide ID them disorderly conduct when the obstruction charge fell through. They’re suing as they should be. John has details over at No Lawyers – Only Guns and Money. To me, it looks like a case of the police creating a problem where there was none or trying to send a message. Lawsuits send messages too.

A couple of interesting... here.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Elmo kicks butt.

Who woulda thought the little guy had it in him.

H/T to Jennifer.

Happy Birthday to me


Maybe I'll blog when I get over the depression.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

We are so ...

...screwed. The largest tax increase in American history starts January 1, 2011 and of course that won't have any impact on the current economy will it President Obama? That's OK. You'll blame it on the Republicans.

H/T to WRSA.

Screech Owls

There was a Heritage Day at Jordan Lake yesterday. The local raptor/birds of prey refuge had several of their residents on display for the festivities. The grey one has a cataract in his left eye as the result of getting smacked by a car.

Amen... this post by Tam.

On the coming elections...

And as much as I relish the thought that conservatism will make a sweep of congress in a month or so, the pragmatist and cynic in me says we’re delivering a few pumps to the sinking ship, and it will only forestall the inevitable.

We might get a respite, but a few million entrenched bureaucrats in government will make sure we don’t vote our way out of this mess. - the Cajun

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Via MikeV.

Insulting the police?!

What are they teaching the police officers up in Prince George’s County, Maryland. A family reports an attempted armed robbery outside their home. They allegedly send off the would be robbers with weapons of their own then call the police to report the matter. The police respond and shoot eh victim’s dog and arrest the victims for multiple crimes including insulting the police. The armed robbers are still at large but the police are protecting the neighborhood by arresting people for insulting the police. If they made threats no problem, but insulting the police? First Amendment anyone?

H/T to Firehand.

Friday, October 1, 2010

IL: Elderly man shoots thugs during home invasion.

In Chicago, an elderly man heard someone banging on his door and yelling to be let in. He opened the door and two thugs pushed their way in, grabbed him, sprayed him with pepper spray, and began beating him. The elderly man reached into the pocket of a coat hanging by the door and pulled out a gun which he then used to shoot each of the thugs once. The thugs fled and collapsed on the street. One died in the hospital the other was charged with the murder. Works for me.