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That is Beautiful

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Pretty Pathetic

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Recent Addition

Storm Shadow by Scott Dalrymple. I see his product quite a bit for sale on eBay. He does professional quality work. Beyond that I don't know anything about him.

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Recently Read

The Long Chain by Dan Willis

This is third in his Arcane Casebooks with a fourth on the way. I couldn't put it down. Magical noir is a good description. Highly recommended.

Terra Nova: The Wars of Liberation by Tom Kratman with stories by Kasey Ezell, Mike Massa, Chris Smith, Peter Grant,and Chris Nutall among others.

The stories take place on Kratman's Terra Nova during the wars for independence. As anthologies go the stories are probably the best overall that I've read in quite a while. Usually you'll have hits and misses. Not here. Next please. Highly recommended.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Makes perfect sense to the sane among us.

H/T to Instapundit.

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The Corn Field

“Yesterday I posted a photo wearing a borrowed T-shirt that says I’m against fascism. That T-shirt can apparently to some be linked to a violent movement. I don’t support any form of violence and to avoid misunderstandings I’ve deleted the post. And of course I am against fascism.” - Greta Thurnberg after being photographed wearing an ANTIFA t-shirt.
That's all well and good but you are known by the totalitarian, statist trash you keep company with and every time I see your photo I get the feeling that if you had the power you'd send us all to the corn field.

Friday, September 20, 2019

Weapons of War

SAS hero with shotgun 'kills five ISIS fighters including two wearing suicide vests in just seven seconds during raid on jihadi bomb factory in Iraq'
In the end, they are all weapons of war or have been. It isn't just your AR and AK they want. Pistols, revolvers, shotguns, muzzle loaders have been used in warfare. If we accept their argument that this makes the AR-15 unsuitable for civilian ownership we are already at the bottom of the slippery slope. It's just a matter of time.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

So now I have to go see it.

Critics: ‘Rambo: Last Blood’ Is Racist Call for Trump Wall
I would have anyway, but the fact that SJW critics hate it is a plus in my book.

Now THAT'S Funny

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Assault Weapon Bans: A Solution in Search of a Problem

Again, analysis regarding the AR-15 — the so-called “weapon of choice” of mass shooters — produces less-than-impressive numbers. Between 2007 and 2018, 173 people were killed by mass shooters using an AR-15, according to a New York Times analysis — roughly, 15 per year. (For perspective, 13 people die per year from vending machines falling on them.) The fearmongering regarding this weapon becomes even more apparent when one considers the estimated 8 million AR-15s currently in circulation — the vast majority of which will never be involved in a crime.

Recently Read

Pass of Fire by Taylor Anderson

This is number fourteen in the Destroyermen series. The war with the Grik is closer to the end but on the Dominion front things are heating up. It's all good, but remember you can't start this series here. You have to start with book one, Into the Storm, otherwise you will be lost. Honestly, with most series this long I start to get tired of it and hope the author has an end in sight. As it stands now, this one is good enough to just keep on going.

Monday, September 16, 2019

New The Far Side Coming

The Best News in a Long Time: The Far Side Is Coming Back
I have fond memories of the comics strips, comic books, television, movies, books I read growing up. That would include strips like The Far Side, Calvin and Hobbes, and Bloom County that I read as an adult. I was still growing up then. What I have found is that in many cases the fond memories don't translate to the present. I loved The Wild, Wild, West as a pre-teen. I tried to watch it again when a friend loaned me his DVD collection a few years back. All the magic was gone. Dennis the Menace as I knew it as a child, Pre-teen, and teen does nothing for me now. The first two years of the strip on the other hand are as good as anything Bill Watterson did in Calvin and Hobbes. The second run of Bloom County never touched the first run. I decided I'd rather keep the fond memories so I don't go back to read or watch the old stuff that much any more. I hope I don't fell that way about The Far Side relaunch.

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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Remember the applause.

About time.
At least he's honest?
One is long. The other is short. Read them both as they are much better at this stuff than I am. The point of both is that Democrats exist among lies because if they told the truth only bat shit ideologues would support them. "we don't want your guns" or "you can keep your doctor" are standard fare here. Lies. It's what they do. Now Beto has spoken "truth" and we know where we stand. Right leaning gun owners have always know what the endgame was but others were in denial.

No denial now.

They want to take our guns.

They aim to have them if at all possible, so get your ass out there and call your representatives and tell them where you stand. If you wait until the election to vote it may bee too late.

"Remember the applause".

Recent Additions

Wolverine by Mike Manley. Convention sketch.
Batman in profile by John Beatty. He is know mostly as an inker for DC and Marvel titles. Convention sketch.

Friday, September 13, 2019

Uh Huh

Well, he used the right word. "Take". Entertain for a moment the cluster fuck that will entail when they try. We're certainly not. gonna give them to him.

H/T to GFZ

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Salt the Earth

I am so tired of this shit.
NRA Sues San Francisco After City Declares Group a Domestic Terrorist Organization

NJ Governor Issues Troubling Executive Order On Guns

Sue them. Sue them. Sue them. As others have said, "punch back twice as hard". Practice the same lawfare they practice against us. Drain their coffers. Destroy them economically, then salt the earth.

Eighteen Years Ago Today...

Every Day Is 9/11. That's Exactly The Problem.

The Language of Losing

Translation into savage

Monday, September 9, 2019

...or what he's talking about.

When it Comes to Gun Control, Beto Has No Idea What He Wants
Let's face it. Beto the Wonder Boy, says whatever he thinks the hard Left wants to hear. Too bad for him they don't care any more and his wife's money don't buy the votes it used to.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Colion Noir

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

True Love

Not A Recent Addition

I was looking through my art collection and realized I hadn't posted these two items.
The first is a Milton Caniff poster, numbered, not signed, showing a silhouette of one of the cast of Steve Canyon, Summer Olsen.
The second is a print by Reed Waller if his creation, Omaha, the Cat Dancer, as a geisha. It is signed by the artist and the comics writer, Kate Worley.

Monday, September 2, 2019

"Election" Season Keeps Getting Better and Better

WHAT? Joe Biden says he’s going after magazines that can hold multiple bullets

Oh, that's a debate I'd pay to see

Alyssa Milano Challenges Cruz to Gun Debate: So America ‘Can Hear Your Bulls**t Firsthand’
I believe she has been invited to talk gun control on pro-gun venues before and the only response they got was crickets. If Cruz's response to Milano on Twitter is any indication it would be pretty much a one sided battle. Alyssa, go for it. Please.

[UPDATE]...and it looks like it is going to happen.

Ted Cruz, Alyssa Milano to Host ‘Civil’ Debate on Gun Control

...and this numb nut teaches kids?

I'm all for home schooling and private schools. My kids were home schooled and public schools are borderline child abuse. The villain hers isn't the numb nut that thinks a fantasy novel teaches "real spells and magic" but the parents who don't go "wait a sec there, Rev."
Elementary school yanks ‘Harry Potter’ over claims it contains ‘actual curses and spells’

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Recently Read

Game of Snipers by Stephen Hunter

Bob Lee Swagger is at it again. This time he's helping his friend Nick Memphis find a Syrian sniper who has a target in the United States. These novels are getting a little formulaic but Hunter is so good a writer you hardly notice. It was a read until done book. If you've liked the others, you will like this one. Go buy it now.