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Merry Christmas

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With Friends Like These...

Here are the 18 Republican senators who voted for the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package
I was surprised not to see Tom Tillis's name on the list. He stabbed us in the back with the last gargantuan spending bill and thought this would be more of the same. This bill is no more odious than the last. As for Richard Burr, he leaves office at the first of the year.  Whatever whoever had over his head is no longer of use. His vote, I think, was a farewell fuck-you the Senate leadership. Who knows in the end. 

Recent Addition

Red Sonja by Beto Lima.

A Class Act

Clarence Thomas Caught Humbly Serving at Arlington National Cemetery

Wednesday, December 21, 2022

Fire Everyone Above the Rank of Field Agent in the D.C. Office

That should solve it.

Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Mike Hodges, the Director of Flash Gordon, has Passed.

Flash Gordon’s Mike Hodges Has Died
Campy as it was, I loved it. Also great Queen soundtrack. He also directed Michael Caine in the original Get Carter w hich was a top notch crime film. At 90 he lived a good long productive life. We should all do so well. Rest in peace.

Eighteen and Nineteen Year Olds Aren't Children...

...and including them in the data sets is tantamount to research fraud, but that's business as usual at the CDC and in the gun control industry. At times studies have included "kids" up into their twenties. That's why Congress banned funding around 2008. What was being produced was advocacy. Now restrictions have been eased and we get advocacy again and none of it can be trusted. None.
Two studies, one finding: Guns injure, kill rising number of children in U.S.

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Elon Made a Funny


BREAKING: SCOTUS Delays End of Title 42

Gun Control was Supposed to Prevent This...

UNPOSSIBLE: Six Shot Dead, Including Two Cops, In Heavily Gun-Controlled Australia
It didn't. Look for more gun control Downunder, because when what they do doesn't work they just try harder.

Sunday, December 18, 2022

On Heinlein

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Oh, just for general reference ...

Robert A. Heinlein was not a fascist. He was not a libertarian. He was not a misogynist.

At best, he was science fiction's own literary Rorschach test.

Reading his works, in context, you will see that he was, for most of his career, a forward-thinking idealist. He was a pragmatic man who admired competency. And he did his research. A lot of it. He was a remarkable man, well-deserving of the respect of the field.

Did he sometimes faceplant? Yes. Did he learn from those faceplants? I can point to the evidence that he did.

But those who dismiss him so casually — as one very immature commentator recently wrote — are mostly demonstrating that they have not really understood who Heinlein was and what he was up to.

I think Stranger In A Strange Land is fatally flawed, but it's a brilliant and ambitious book despite that. I think The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress is incomplete. (The revolution was economically unnecessary, but politically important.) The juveniles set a standard that has rarely been matched — especially Have Spacesuit, Will Travel and Tunnel In The Sky and Time For The Stars.

And of course, Starship Troopers. It is about the responsibility of a citizen — those who benefit from a civilized society have a corresponding obligation to contribute to the success and survival of that society. That's probably the single most important ideal that Heinlein ever expressed.

Are there blind spots in Heinlein's world view? Yes, I don't think he ever understood parenting, except as a theoretical ideal. And based on the comments of some of my female acquaintances, his portrayals of women characters could be ... um, uneven. (That's a whole other discussion, for another time and place — and one that requires more input from women than men.)

But for who he was, what he wrote, and the time in which he published his stories — he set a standard. He gave us broad shoulders to stand on and that is the real success of Robert A. Heinlein.  

- David Gerrold

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Now That's Funny

Does it Really Matter...

...if she's still caucusing with the Democrats?
Senator Sinema Leaves the Democratic Party, Registers as an Independent

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Violent Night

Violent Night is not your typical Christmas. It's a bloody violent film where Santa finds a renewed love of Chrsitmas as he battles terrorists holding a wealthy family hostage. It's not Die Hard, Nobody or John Wick but it will do in a landscape devoid of decent action flicks. It hits my list of films about midway down.

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Strange World

I'm not necessarily apposed to agenda in film as long as it is not applied with the equivalent of a blunt object to the head. Lately, this seems all Disney is capable of producing. This movie is that blunt object to the head. I'd take a hard pass if I were you.

Just Saying...