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This Smells of More Than Smoke

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Jean Grey by Ederson Baptista
X-32 by Celio Barbosa

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There is Blame to be Laid Here

In Dallas, a thug goes into Dallas Methidist Hospital to visit a patient and pistol whips her. He shoots and kills two staff members before being confronted by Hospital Police and shot. He's taken into custody. Turns out he's an habitual felon who if not for pleas and courtroom shenanigans would have been incarcerated. Instead they put a useless ankle monitor on him and release this evil git into the wild. The Left will blame the gun it was illegal for him to have rather than the degraded justice system they had a hand in making. There is blame to be laid here, and it is not on the gun.
Police: Boyfriend at Texas hospital for baby’s birth kills 2

Sunday, October 23, 2022


Apparently only superficial burns and that's a good thing. Lucky the police had a fire extinguisher.

No One Died...

...and that's a good thing, but there need to be some hard questions asked of a principal who would allow armed teens into a school regardless of whether it was a secure foyer. The Assistant principle apparently decided he needed to protect the teens from the police.
How armed teens got into Cleveland school: I-Team

Just unbelieveable

Fire him.

Just Saying...

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Geisha and Black Canary by Ederson Baptista

I'd Vote Yes

To Save America, Repeal the 17th Amendment

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I love comic books. I looked at the pictures before I c ould read. It was adaptions of Edgar Rice Burroughs that pulled me into novels. It was Burroughs, then C. S. Lewis, then Heinlein, then lots and lots and lots. Even though I never stopped reading comics. At one point I was buying near everything DC and Marvel printed. No more and not for a long time. I'm an old man now. I ceased being the audience for the medium for the new writiers. Writers now seem more intent on pushing ideology than telling stories. I know. Politics have always been in comics. Yeah but story used to come first. Politics serviced the story not the ther way round. I still read the occasional Mike Grell or Max Allan Collins title. I but anything by Terry Moore. I love Stan Sakai's Usagi Yojimbo and we'll see who outlasts the other. DC and Marvels value is in IP not current product. Sales drop and soon I think most of their titles will go the way of this one.
DC Comics Canceling Gay Superman's Solo Run After Failure to Sell
I suspect it's the first of many.

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Ya'll Do

Make shit up, that is.

Just Saying...

Two Days...

...trying to figure out why we didn't have water. Finally got the plumber out for a simple service call and it's back on. No charge. Maybe I'll talk about it later but right this moment, I'm embarassed.

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Ya Win Some...

...and lose some.

Sunday, October 2, 2022

Recent Addition

Groo Convention Sketch by Sergio Aragones.

I've been looking for something affordable by Aragones and here it is. Aragones is know for his original character, Groo, but those of you out there around my age probably know him for his margin drawings in Mad Magazine. 

Saturday, October 1, 2022

The Punishment is the Process

Jury acquits 64-year old veteran in fatal gas station shooting
He clearly was in fear of his life when he shot his assailant but the DA didn't care.The point is make people afraid to defend themselves. Fortunately, the jury didn't buy it.