Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I lost my Dad in March of 1981. Two "youths" beat him to death with a tire jack for about three hundred dollars. My Dad carried a little piece of shit Bauer .25 most of the time. He forgot it that day. He had called and asked me to bring it to him. I dicked around and by the time I got to this workplace he had gone out on his route. I never saw him again. I will carry that guilt with me 'til I'm with my father again. I carry now. Always. Unless its in a place where I can't hide the fact that I am, i.e. any place I have to enter through a metal detector. I carried before CCW was a possibility in my state and will when they take it away. My children will not carry the guilt I do. And if the time comes I shall not go quietly. To you out there I have this to say. If you can get a CCW permit and carry do. If you can't, carry anyway. If you do it wisely and properly no one will ever know. If you ever need it then the fact that you were carrying concealed is the least of your worries. All that matters is you go home at the end of the day.


Anonymous said...

I am truly sorry for your loss. As Roberta X said, carry your gun, it's a much smaller burden than regret.

Mark said...

I'm apparently "lucky to be alve".

No again.No, sir.Thank you for sharing, and please - you couldn't have known it would be That One Time.

Xavier said...

My condolences sir. You are right. Shoot often. Carry Always.