Saturday, December 10, 2016

A Review of Miss Sloane...

This saves me the trouble of having to watch it.

I haven't and won't see it. Based on what I've read, it's a Hollywood gun control wet dream with little or no relationship to reality. At a cost of $18,000,000 it may break even...maybe. The lead, Jessica Chastain, will probably get an Oscar nomination. Then it will fade into the Lifetime oblivion it deserves.

UPDATE: Tom Madden, the Director, claims the production did not consult with either side of the gun control debate. Apparently, the Brady Bunch and actors in the film didn't get that message. AND Wikipedia's entry on the film calls it a box office bomb. Drum made 1.7 million over the weekend. What did they expect. People want to be entertained at the theater, not preached to.

UPDATE: As of 12-16-2016, 2.7 million in ticket sales.

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