Monday, December 12, 2016

Fearmongering and Lies

Reciprocity means if Texas permits a man to walk into a coffee shop, a church or a school with a Bushmaster AR-15 slung over his shoulder, Connecticut must follow suit. It would mean that every time that happened, we’d relive the horror of Dec. 14, 2012, while being forced to stand down, powerless to act.
No. National reciprocity would require that the concealed carry permits of one state be honored by all others much like the vehicle operators license of one state are honored in all other states. It has fuck all to do with open carry. That would remain the prerogative of the individual states. The slightest bit of research would tell anyone this. The above quote may be ignorance of the facts. If so, it is a willful ignorance intended to scare people who know less than the writer. It is fear mongering. It is lying. BUT that's what gun bigots do.

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