Thursday, December 1, 2016

Absolutely, I suggest Alan Gura

I Think Tom Might Be Correct - We Need An Asst AG For The Second Amendment
I'd be nice to see an army of DOJ lawyers coming down on, say, New Jersey when they violate their citizen's enumerated rights with bullshit gun control legislation. I'd be funny as hell, as well.


Veeshir said...

When driving through NJ, it is legal to have weapons, properly stored, if you are traveling from a place where they're legal, like say VA, to someplace else where they're legal, say NH (I am not a lawyer).
But if NJ cops see those guns, they'll take them and make you spend a year or two and mucho dinero to get your legal property back.

I'd like to see the Do"J" go after them for that.

But in order for that to happen, Trump would have to fire every Do"J" worker GS-12 and up and replace them with Americans.

The scariest/funniest NJ anti-gun law is that you can only buy 2 BB guns/month and need to have a permit for one.
Ralphie would not stand a chance against Black Bart.

kahr40 said...

That firing every DOJ employee GS-12 and up, that's what I call a good start.