Friday, September 24, 2021

A Problem with Red Flag Laws... due process always come after the guns have been seized with no opportunity for the gunowner to defend his rights until weeks later. True due process comes at the beginning of the ordeal not the end.
Dems Slip Red Flag Provision Into Military Spending Bill

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Mike-SMO said...

"Red Flag Laws" allow the Corruptocrats (Dem/Woke/Sell-out) to disarm anyone likely to defend themselves, their family or their neighbors when the ghetto trash is driven out of "downtown" by the new Illegal population. It worked like a charm in Compton. They have to make sure that no one upsets their plan for profit and power.

By the way, that is also true for the push for affordable (ghetto-ready) multi family housing in the suburbs. Gots to make sure that the ghetto trash are warm and commfy so they can give you and yours their very best "treatment".

THE GOPe (Including the CHANBER (POT) OF COMMERCE) allied with the traditional Corruptocrats (Dem/Woke/Bolshevik) to make this all possible. Enjoy your patio and family while you can.