Saturday, September 25, 2021

Maricopa County Audit

The bottom line: The number of ballots impacted by discrepancies far exceeds Biden’s margin of victory in the state. Both sides of this debate will claim the report validates their position, but in truth, without proper vetting of the impacted ballots, we’ll never know if the election results were legitimate.


Anonymous said...

It ALL depends on what the definition of "is" ,is. AND the definition of Fraud, or fraudulent. With a revised definition, almost ANYTHING can be allowed.

Veritas said...

When you have the government obstructing the investigation, six times the number of fraudulent votes cast as the margain of victory in a single county, the federal government doing all it can to obstruct the investigation, the county wiping clean its records, it takes a genius to say we can't tell what the results of the election really are.


Can you say banana republic skippy.

Mike-SMO said...

Most peasants don't understand that when you have tens of thousands of "pop-up" votes with no documentation that total more than the vote count between the two candidates,

Invalid Election!
Arrest! Prosecution! and "Do Over".

They don't have to prove precisely what was done. The paperwork shows that "something" was done. Try that crap with the IRS or the BATF (on alcohol use), they take everything you got in exchange for a cell mate named "Bubba".

If it ain't right, it's wrong! "Do not pass GO, do not collect $200, Go directly to jail." But in Arizona, like several other states the corrupt GOPe allied with the Dems/Woke/Trash since they figured to steal more short term with Trump gone. Sell-outs, round the table. Make sure to get their retirement addresses...... You know, for Christmas cards.