Friday, May 26, 2017

When you ignore the news you miss stuff.

So I saw on the web somewhere the other day a blurb about some GOP dude assaulting a reporter, and that's the last I paid any attention to it. Saw more blurbs and ignored 'em. Don't care. TODAY I was reading Larry Correia's blog and realized that it was the conservative pro-gun candidate, originally from New Jersey, who was running against a local "black rifles are evil but I like other guns" Democrat in Montana. THAT I had read about. Correia informed me that the dude, refugee from New Jersey, was the dude who had "body slammed" a Guardian reporter, AND despite the who haw from the Democrats, had won the election anyway. Violence is never a valid response to an asshole unless they lay hands on you, BUT that was funny.

President Trump, here's a reelection strategy for ya in 2020. The White House Press Room. Go at it.

Just kidding. Violence is bad.

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