Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It's what they do...


The Brady Bunch are at it again.

Trotting Out A Dusty Old Canard
So Bradys, what gun control law has ever prevented "felons, domestic abusers, fugitives and people who are a danger to themselves or others from carrying loaded, hidden guns in public"? Let me answer that for you while you stutter trying to find an answer. None. The bad guys have always carried where they damn well please while you twits push for more that does nothing but inconvenience the good guys.

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Braden Lynch said...

They love to use the scary words of a full loaded hidden gun like that makes it illegal and more dangerous. Such hyperbole and biased word choice is a clear sign that their viewpoint is flawed and incorrect.

Of course it is a flat out lie that it gives permission to criminals who ignore the law. It only hurt law abiding citizens. They are total liars and will be judged for it.