Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paypal is anti-gun.

Kevin Baker arranged to donate a firearm for a raffle with the proceeds to go to Project Valour-IT. Arrangements were made with Soldiers' Angels to provide on-line ticket sales through Paypal. Apparently things were moving along wonderfully when Paypal pulled the plug. Why? The gun raffle. I'd never really given it any thought but since the parent company, eBay, is virulently anti-gun I should of expected Paypal would be as well. Go here to get the details. You can also call Paypal at (402) 935-2050 and voice your opinion or call 'em a dick. If you want to participate in the raffle you can... Soldiers' Angels and do a transaction over the phone. During normal business hours (PST) you can call (626) 529-5114, or you can call their voicemail service any time at (615) 676-0239, leave them a callback number and they'll get back to you...
I don't know if the phone calls to Paypal to make any difference. The only way Paypal normally pay any attention is if you hit 'em in the pocketbook with a boycott. A year ago I'd of given it a hope in hell but with the current economy who knows. Also, this is a good cause but money has been tight, even $10 hurts, and I hadn't planned to participate. Now I will find the money to buy a ticket if only to thumb my nose at those fucktards at Paypal. I hope those of you reading this will do the same.

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Kevin said...

We've managed to bypass PayPal! Another sponsor of the Rendezvous,, an ammo site, is doing the on-line ticket sales for us with all proceeds (minus the 3% credit card fee) going to Soldiers' Angels. Soldiers' Angels is still taking phone orders for those who don't want to purchase on-line. Details here.

And thanks again for linking!