Tuesday, December 21, 2021

They have to scare people...

...so they can justify mail-in ballots and fortify the mid-terms. It's not about safety. It's about power.
Inside the Omicron fear factory
In March 2020, a profile of the typical Covid victim emerged from Italy. The average decedent was eighty years old, with approximately three comorbidities such as heart disease, obesity or diabetes. The young had little to worry about; the survival rate for the vast majority of the population was well over 99 percent.

That portrait never significantly changed. The early assessments of Covid out of Italy have remained valid through today. And so it will prove with the Omicron variant.

The data out of South Africa, after five weeks of Omicron spread, suggest that Omicron should be a cause for celebration, not fear. Its symptoms are mild to non-existent in the majority of the infected, especially the vaccinated; hospitalization rates are over nine times lower than for previous Covid strains; deaths are negligible. That assessment will only be confirmed as the US and other western countries gather their own data on Omicron.

Yet the public health establishment and the media are working overtime to gin up Omicron hysteria. The official response to the Omicron variant provides a case study in the deliberate manufacture of fear. The following strategies are key:

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Anonymous said...

That's been true of all forms of the Wubonic Plague so far. It's the common cold, and it's never been anything else. It's possible that the people working in the illegal Chinese biological warfare lab in Wuhan from which it escaped two years ago were trying to create something else, but they failed.

At all times since its existence was announced and the "pandemic" plague was ginned up, only a tiny, tiny minority of those infected with any variant have had any symptoms at all. The average life expectancy in the US today is 79 years. The average age at death, when it is attributed to the China Cooties, is 83. Note, by the way, that this is the official figure, and we already know that the CDC and the Democrats have cooked the books to inflate it. They use antibody testing that can't distinguish between COVID19 and the common cold. They run PCR tests at four hundred cycles when Dr Kary Mullis, who won the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1993 for inventing PCR tests, said publicly that twenty cycles already gives so many false positives as to give no useful information--and got banned and censored for it. We've seen the leaked CDC guidance saying they're A-OK with paying a $38,000 per body bounty to hospitals for checking the "COVID19" box on the death certificate without testing. They've already been caught labeling drug overdose deaths, cancer deaths, heart attacks, deaths by gunshot wound, and death by decapitation in motorcycle accidents as "COVID19 fatalities." The CDC in the summer of 2020 accidentally admitted that there had been as of August fewer than seven thousand deaths in the US that could actually be attributed to the virus rather than people dying of old age with the virus detected--by very dubious and unreliable means, mind you--in their bodies at autopsy. This shouldn't surprise us. These people lie about everything, all the time. Isn't it funny how all the far-Left "anarchist" firebrands who don't trust the government, who say the government and newsmedia always lie, are suddenly lapping up the government propaganda about the plandemic? Doublethink and doublespeak are a way of life.

The Left: "Oh no! We're all gonna die from a disease so virulent and debilitating that it makes the oldest, sickest people live four years longer than average! Quick, let's shut down the economy indefinitely and put everyone everywhere on house arrest forever, which we weren't willing to do when the Kenyan brought people with 85% lethal Ebola virus into the US in 2014, or when the 100% lethal AIDS virus was discovered in 1981--we wouldn't even quarantine the sexual deviants and drug addicts who were spreading a disease that really was lethal. And we're using 'public health' to justify everything BUT closing the borders to keep out millions upon millions of illiterate unemployable ineducable Third World peasants who drip with every deadly disease that was eradicated in the civilized world generations ago. And since we're taking this 'crisis' and using it to justify doing the hard reset on society that we'd been talking about for decades, and giving all the normies a software update anyway, we've got some ideas I know you'll all just love! How about owning nothing and being happy? You'll love it! Or else! And now that we've established the precedent that you're all government property with no rights, we think you'll REALLY love our plan for 'global warming!'"

They're gloating about "the Great Reset" that they were publicly planning for years, but pointing this out is a "conspiracy theory." Sort of like when the Kenyan was gloating about "the Browning of America" on the Oprah Winfrey show ten years ago, but "the Great Replacement" is a "conspiracy theory."