Thursday, December 23, 2021

They are Purposely Creating a Ticking Time Bomb

Don’t Blame Guns for the Spike in Violent Crime, Blame George Soros’s ‘Legal Arsonists’
Problem for them is you never know who will get caught in the blast.

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Mike-SMO said...

The Progressives seem to believe that crime is the result of the police enforcing the laws and not by the degenerates stealing from, beating, raping, and murdering others It is all "Magic". They think that "crime" is a fiction not a reality covered in the victim's blood. Actually, I suspect that allowing the believers in magic to have their way will drive the "normies" out of the citiesa and provide the excuse for colonization by a new population of "Illegal" colonists. Aftewr all, it worked in Compton, California. Killing the useless ghetto gang-bangers and driving the survivors out of town, created a nice "prosperous" municipality. The African Americans, in comparison, create ghetto" killing fields". This way, the African American community cleans out the desolation so that the BLM/Antifa doesn't have to burn and loot as they had to in Kenosha. The Corruptocrats just have to have a replacement Illegal population standing by. Simple!