Monday, November 8, 2021

Please, Just Shut Up.

Alec Baldwin calls for police officers on movie sets to supervise gun safety.
I can recall three negligent firearm's deaths on movie sets over the last thirty-seven years: Jon-Erik Hexum, Brandon Lee, and Baldwin's fuck up. Police Officer envolved negligent discharges resulting in a death drawf that puny number. Trust me Ale, you don't want police officers as safety officers on movie sets. Granted, cops handle weapons a lot more and under more trying circumstances than actors do, but set armorers seen to be doing a credible job, with a exceptions, keeping the crew and actors safe from random gunfire on movie sets. Alec, what you need to do is follow what I hope is your attorney's advice, and shut up and stop trying to deflect your responcibility for what happened.

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