Friday, May 14, 2021

It was Bound to Happen.

Apparently, I've been reported as a deceptive site. Someone or some software didn't like my last post about the President. Blogger keeps deleting it. Apparently, telling the President "no" is not allowed.

Update: Appears to at least partially a Firefox problem. No issues using Chrome.

UPDATE: No, it's Google.

UPDATE: ...and it's clear.

UPDATE: ...and I finally got an email from Blogger. Some asshat reported me for phishing or Malware for a post that had a image of Biden's Twitter post telling us to vaccinate or wear a mask. My post was titled "no" with text following the image saying "Not Your Chice Mr. Biden. The image was borrowed from Instapundit. No phishing. No malware. Just bullshit.

Blogger has allowed me to repost the offending post. See previous post.


TriggerFinger said...

I saw it too. Time to move your site to somewhere that isn't google, methinks.

kahr40 said...

I think you may be right.