Tuesday, January 12, 2021

I Must Say...

...this is stupid and smells. Stay away. You are asking to be silenced...permanently.
“Refused to be Silenced”? I do have to say it stinks to high heaven.

How Fucking Dumb Are We?

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Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly. Yet I am sure that a bunch of idiots will show up with guns and in some of the 50 states, there will be incidents. That will give the Democrats the excuse that they are waiting for to step in with draconian laws to infringe upon out firearm rights. And the country, which had been at best, tepid to gun control laws, will slowly shake their heads in agreement with the communists in power that yes, something must be done about guns, why we can't even swear I'm our president without bloodshed.
Thinking about it, the Democrats would likely be happy if Biden somehow passed away before he could be sworn in. Harris would quickly become President, and her first order of business would be to declare martial law, and begin confiscating guns house to house.