Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Not Really Enthusiastic About this Firefly Reboot

Exclusive: Firefly Reboot Coming To Disney+
Joss Whedon hit gold with Firefly. It wasn't a hit but that was Fox making damn sure it failed. Episodes shown out of order and all over the place. They d idn't have faith in it and so it failed. But Whedon and the cast meshed perfectly. Every episode was spot on. My opinion, perfect. Even if Whedon was involved I'm not sure he could hit paydirt twice. Also the cast have moved on and they were part off the magic. Then there is Disney track record with Star Wars. Oh and they want family friendly. Firefly wasn't realyy a kids show. It had a dark edge I don't think Disney would be able or want to repeat. They might surprise me but I think I'll just take a pass.

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