Wednesday, December 26, 2018

I'm Pretty Sure There was a Finger Involved...

A cop was handling a personal weapon at a party when he shot himself in the hand and a fellow officer in the leg.

Prince George’s Co. police officers released from suspension after party shooting
The story says the gun discharged. I doubt it did it by itself. These things generally involved a finger on the trigger of a loaded weapon. Looks like all four of the Colonel's rules were broken and then some.


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Anonymous said...

And everyone involved will skate. No jobs will be lost. No charges will be filed. The Blue Gang protects its own.

Just like Chase Bishop, the FBI agent who got drunk on duty and was finger-fucking his gun on the dance floor at a nightclub in Denver this summer and shot two people "accidentally." Remember him? He skated too. He kept his job and was not charged.

If you or I did such a thing, The Man would have us stand in a hole and build the a prison on top of us. "Rules for thee, but not for me." "No reasonable prosecutor..."