Monday, September 25, 2017

Time Will Tell.

I support everyone's right to protest and speak their mind. That would be both the oppressed multimillionaires of the NFL and President Trump. I also understand I don't get to harm my employees brand by protesting on their time. My employer has terminated others for doing things that would bring discredit to them and would do the same to me if I were so foolish. The NFL has no problem with their employees' conduct. Their choice. I also have a right to protest and speak my mind. I'll do so by withholding my support for the NFL. I won't watch the games on television or buy products advertised there. I won't buy NFL tickets or merchandise. That's my right. I'll do the same with any other professional sport whose players conduct themselves the same way. These guys forget they are entertainers. I can find my entertainment elsewhere. Considering the drop in NFL ratings since this BS started, I suspect many feel the same way I do. Time will tell.
Screw the NFL

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