Wednesday, May 15, 2013

S264: Repeal 1935 Durham Co. Firearm Act...

... or the "HELL YES" Bill!

This bill would repeal Durham's local act that requires handguns be registered in Durham County. no other county in North Carolina has such a requirement. When preemption became the law of the land here this act stood. It has long needed repeal but when the Democrats were in control of the House and Senate the fact that Durham County's local government officials wanted it was enough to leave it be. For the most part it has been rarely enforced until recently. Now the Sheriff notifies those applying for permits that if they don't register they are in violation and subject to legal action. We have a new Sheriff finishing the term of his predecessor. My opinion is if he wants to get elected he has to kiss the ass of MAIG Mayor Bill Bell and other local anti-gun politicians. Personally I'd like to take that pressure off him by killing this local intolerable act. Call your representatives and ask them to SUPPORT this bill. The local Durham trash will oppose.

H/T to Sean.

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