Monday, May 23, 2011

U2 performed a series of concerts... Mexico City last week. The lead singer, Bono took the opportunity to repeat the lie that 90% of the weapons seized in Mexico come from the United States. You can find more details here and here. I'm perfectly willing to attribute his ignorance to, well, ignorance, or trusting sources he shouldn't. I'm also perfectly willing to agree to disagree. Saying I won't support his ignorance doesn't really mean a whole lot since I'm not really a fan of the band and don't own a single U2 album or track and now probably won't. The reason is that he couldn't bother to do a little research before opening his mouth and spouting a lie.

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Anonymous said...

Even if Bono walked on stage sporting Springfield M1A and draped in bandoleers full of 7.62x51mm, U2 would still be the most overrated rock band ever.