Saturday, April 20, 2024

Something of a Trend Lately

Aspiring Maryland Trans Shooter Thwarted

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Sailorcurt said...

Not surprising.

1. "Trans" people are, by definition (at least my definition) are patently delusional, so is it any wonder that they do delusional things?

2. "Trans" girls are given testosterone in order to feign maleness. Testosterone increases aggression and reduces impulse control and anger management. Boys learn to deal with and live with these traits as they are born with higher levels of testosterone which then gradually increase during puberty. Suddenly introducing massive amounts of testosterone into girls who've never learned to compensate for the hormone is just asking for trouble.

3. The "Trans" movement and media for years have been beating the drum that "trans" people are being subjected to genocide and "actual violence" (which, when translated from woke into English means "metaphorical violence, rather than actual violence"). When being subjected to genocide, isn't killing the "straights" just self defense?

I predict we will continue to see more of this as copycats desiring to make a name for themselves continue to come out of the woodwork.