Monday, February 20, 2023

A Good Guy with a Gun

Legally Armed Civilian Shot El Paso Mall Shooter, Preventing More Casualties


thomastheglassexpert said...

A funny I recall from a client in Atlanta just last month = we were out to evening booze and food with his executive team and someone mentioned a local shooting and Boss said "not to worry we have a Sheriff right here with us". He was pressed "what do you mean by that" and Boss pointed at me. Told all "Thomas is ALWAYS gunned up and I've been to shooting range with him he's pretty good" and several just AGHAST that I would be so armed sitting there with them at elegant booze spot. Always. The only time I'm not is when I approach and go through TSA and my gun in case on checked luggage otherwise my .45 sits under left arm in nice shoulder harness. 1 round in the barrel 10 in the mag and under right arm is 2 more 10-round mags. The snowflakes who were offended at my being gunned up I just asked "if you hold your hands up to surrender do you think holding your hands up and screaming like a girl will stop a murderer's bullet?"

kahr40 said...

You were armed and consuming alcohol?