Saturday, October 23, 2021

This Sounds About Right... regard to the incident on a New Mexico film shoot. We don't really know enough yet to form informed opinions. Let's try to wait until the local law enforcement finish their investigation before the pile on begins if that's even possible in this day and age.
Monkeys Touching Guns


Mike-SMO said...


"prop" comes from "property", meaning something owned by a theater or touring company, that is used in a theatricalperformance. It doesn't mean "fake"

"misfire" is inappropriate since Baldwin had a period single-action revolver that had to be "cocked" before it would fire. Thus he had to have taken action to prepare the firearm before he pointed it at the woman and pulled the trigger. Curiously, the woman had been giving Baldwin grief about safety issues on the set. Maybe Alec allowed his ego to run free in fantasyland.

The guns on the set were "real" although they "should" have been loaded with "blanks". On a movie set there are typically multiple layers of safety checks but the person using the trigger is ultimately responsible for the outcome. Baldwin didn't check the ammunition, cocked the firearm, pointed it at the woman who had annoyed him, and pulled the trigger. He owns the outcome and death. He went past a thicket of "musts" and "nevers". The pistol performed exactly as it was designed to do. That was no "misfire".

Tewshooz said...

It was a revolver, not a pistol.