Thursday, March 11, 2021

J. Neil Schulman

I was going through my blogroll today and deleting those that hadn't been updated. Usually the website is still there with the last entry a year or so ago. The J. Neil Schulman link was dead. I figured he had simply moved it and went to Google to search his new site out. I discovered he passed away in August of 2019. Damn. He wrote several books and among them were two of my favorites. The Rainbow Cadenza and Alongside Night. He wrote several novels that were okay. These were damn good. They were so good I picked up every used copy I could find so I could give them away to anyone who showed interest. I was disapointed in his last novel and hoped I would like his next more. Now there won't be one. Again, damn. He was also an avid gun rights advocate, libertarian, and independent filmmaker.

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