Tuesday, July 25, 2017

A Win For The Good Guys

The US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit held in a 2-1 decision that public carrying of firearms is a "core" Second Amendment right, and that the District's regulations amounted to a "total ban" on exercising that right. The ruling breaks with several federal appeals courts that upheld similar regulations in other states.
Now it will go before the full court and most likely be reversed. The DC Court has a majority of Obama appointees and I don't anticipate them making a decision out of anything but their partisan politics. Pray I'm wrong.
Wrenn v. DC: Big Win on Carrying

DC Circuit Overturns “Good Cause” Requirement

Actual Ruling: Wrenn v. D.C. RTWT


Veeshir said...

It doesn't matter, they're not going to let anything a court says change their actions.

The last time this happened they were all, "No we're not slowrolling" and yet people were just being jerked around. It was like the stuff rebate companies do.
"You didn't submit this paperwork"
Yes I did.
Oh yeah. Good...
You didn't submit this other paperwork.
Yes I did.
Oh yeah. Good....
You didn't submit this paperwork.
Yes I did.
Oh yeah. Good....
You didn't sign the paperwork.
Yes I did. It's right there.
Oh yeah. Good.
You didn't...

And so on.

Nobody's going to enforce this law. You're better off moving a few miles south. VA has good gun laws.

kahr40 said...

DC will continually look for a workaround because they know better than the Constitution. There needs to be more than a civil remedy for that kind of crap.