Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Recently Read

Levon's Night by Chuck Dixon

OK. I'm hooked on this series. This time Levon and his daughter, Merry, are hiding in the backwoods of Maine when trouble comes to the small community they live in. Again, and excellent read. Highly recommended.


Veeshir said...

Have you read, "We are legion. We are Bob"?

It's a very good read if you haven't.
A guy, Bob, is a sci-fi fan who is frozen and wakes up in the future but, for various reasons, his consciousness is on a hard-drive.
He's put in a von neumann probe, as soon as he gets to the next solar system, slower than light travel, he builds more Bobs. They have to have different names, but they're all Bobs, running around the galaxy fighting bad guys, starting colonies and just doing geeky stuff.

It's a really fun book.

kahr40 said...

No, but I looked it up on Amazon. It looks fun.

kahr40 said...

Have you read 1632 by Eric Flint and have you checked out their free library?

kahr40 said...

That would be Baen's free library

Veeshir said...

You'll want to be Bob. I read it fast cuz I couldn't put it down and then regretted I was done.

I've read many of the Ring of Fire books, but now I just stay on the main track.
I got sick of side character books.

I spin through the Baen free library every now and then.

Have you been to Joe Buckley's website, The Fifth Imperium?
His name isn't Joe Buckley, but he's the guy who Joe's based on. He has advanced copies of some books.

kahr40 said...

If we are talking about the same site, yes. He collects the snippets and puts them together giving us the first few chapters. He also has images, or did, of Baens CDs with copies of lots of ebooks.

The problem with ignoring the side novels in the Ring of Fire is Flint is incorporating the events and characters from them into his own novels. I think if I didn't read them I'd be lost in the main novels.

Have you read any of the Destroyermen novels by Taylor Anderson. Two four stack Destroyers get thrown into an alternative universe with a Japanese Cruiser that's intent on ending them. Good stuff.

I'll look up Bob.

kahr40 said...

Another writer I like a lot is Max Allen Collins. He writes lots of media tie-ins but I like his historical detective novels, the Nate Heller books and the Quarry novels the new Tv series is based on. Books are better than the series. He politically to the left but usually not to the point it drives me bonkers.

Veeshir said...

I've figured out that stuff happened in the side books, they talk about the Dreeson Incident a lot and a purge of anti-semites, but I just go with it.

I'll check those others out.

I think I'm late on We are legion. We are Bob. It was a Wash Post audio-book "must listen to".