Tuesday, January 17, 2017

More on my Dad

From my earliest memory, my Dad drove a truck for Scott and Roberts Dry Cleaning. He picked up laundry and dry cleaning from customer's homes then returned it later in the week once it had been cleaned. He liked his job. He liked the people he serviced. He was working the day he died. This is a picture of the plant out of which he worked. I spent a lot of time around this place growing up. Now it contains office space. It's a historical landmark, of all things, because of the architecture. My Dad worked for Johnson-Forester Dry Cleaning before World War 2 and when he met my Mom. After the war Dad returned to that job, then switched to selling life insurance for Durham Life. I think it was sometime before I was born that he returned to the dry cleaning trade and Scott and Roberts. The only reference online I can find for Johnson-Forester is in an obituary for a former employee.

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