Thursday, April 30, 2015

Is the enforcement of "your" law worth someones life?

Lost in much of the media coverage of the Baltimore riots (with the politically correct hashtag “#BaltimoreUprising” enjoying precedence with the more “progressive” on Twitter) is that the catalyst for the entire disastrous chain reaction of events, that may yet spread to other “progressive” urban areas nationwide, was the arrest of Freddie Gray for possessing -- not brandishing – a “banned” knife. - David Codrea
So when you say "there ought to be a law" you are also saying "I'm OK with law enforcement using deadly force to enforce that law." In any contact between a police and "civilian" there is always a potential use of deadly force. Is the enforcement of your law worth someones life?


Ritchie said...

The knife was discovered after the "suspect" was on the ground. The prosecutor stated that the knife was legal under applicable laws. That said, much remains to be explained.

Anonymous said...

There is a knife-rights organization (much like the NRA). They are trying to repeal all of these stupid restrictions on knives. Don't know what it is, but maybe it is time to find out.

Jeffersonian said...

That would be Knife Rights:

I think it's also worth noting a few states have recently overturned bans on just those kinds of knives.