Saturday, October 10, 2009

UK: You're kidding...right?

The Health and Safety Executive caused outrage by declaring that officers confronted with dangerous situations-while fighting crime or trying to guard the public 'may choose not to put themselves at unreasonable risk'.

Its guidance published yesterday firmly plays down the need for officers to show bravery in the course of their duty if they make a 'personal choice' not to.

It states: 'There is often an unrealistic public expectation that officers and staff will put themselves at risk to protect the public.'
It seems to me that the personal choice of which they speak was made when the officer chose to enter the profession. There are times when an officer will have to put his ass in harm's way. If they can't handle that risk then find another profession. People in the UK are well and truely fucked.

H/T to Kevin.


dick said...

As I understand it, most UK cops are unarmed, which beckons the question, what's the point?

kahr40 said...

I believe with a few exceptions the British police have always been without firearms. I wouldn't expect them to go against a gun unarmed but there are plenty of situations where no firearms are involved were a police officers puts his life at risk to protect the community. this crap makes them little more than unarmed security.