Wednesday, December 17, 2008

OPEC Cuts Output

I heard on the radio news that OPEC has approved a 2 million barrel reduction in crude output. The price of gas locally jumped from $1.45 to $1.55 a gallon. Speculation has apparently kicked back in full force. Prior to the election Congress let the ban on off shore drilling lapse, but they're now, apparently, planning to reinstate it. The election is over and its now business as usual. Developing further our domestic resources, that means drilling on shore, off shore, and every damn place we can to get oil and natural gas, is necessary for our economic and national security. When we produce more we force them to lower the price. Speculation then works in our favor. The Saudis, Chavez, the Russians, and other foreign producers are not our friends. We buy from them we are hurting ourselves. In fact I would call their actions economic warfare and it deserves the same response as any other attack on the United States. The Dems in Congress are aiding and abetting them. Whose side are they on? Not mine and not the country's. The Dems in Congress don't think they have to answer to us and frankly that's one of the many messages the last election sent. I'm all for alternative energy. But that's what is ten years or more down the road before we can profit from it and we can't turn our back on oil or made it economically impossible until alternatives are in place. Don't let Congress reinstate the off shore ban. Call your representatives and tell them what you think, and in two years vote the worthless bastards out.

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