Original Comic Art

I've decided to collect the images of my personal comic art collection on one page. Better quality scans will replace the photographs as time allows. Here are some of the better pieces I own. More will follow. They are grouped: comic book art, comic strip art, other. Copyright is to the publisher or artist.

Preacher #16, p. 10, DC Comics, 1996, Art by Steve Dillon
Preacher #27, p. 3, DC Comics, 1997, Art by Steve Dillon
Tales of the Green Beret #4, p. 28, Dell, 1967, Art by Sam Glanzman
Batman: Masque, p. 20 and 25 , DC Comics, 1997, Art by Mike Grell

Shaman's Tears #8, p. 2/3 [layouts], Image, Art by Mike Grell
Jon Sable Freelance #34, p. 26 $27, First Comics, Art by Mike Grell.

Doom Patrol #14, p. 4, DC, Pencils by Ron Randall, Inks by John Livesay

Horatius at the Bridge, War #9, Charlton Comics, 1977, Art by Enrique Nieto
Fatale #2, p. 1, Image, 2012, Art by Sean Phillips
Legends #4, p. 21, DC Comics, 2005, Pencils by Russ Heath, Inks by Russ Heath and Al Vey
Hitman #23, p.6, DC Comics, 1998, Pencils by John McCrea, Inks by Garry Leach
Adventures of Superman Annual #7, p. 22, DC Comics, 1995, Pencils by Ron Wagner, Inks by Joseph Rubinstein
Danger's Dozen #2, p.12, Art by Norm Breyfogel
Outlaws #7, p. 18, DC Comics, 1992 Art by Luke McDonnell
Ms. Tree #38, p. 12, Art by Terry Beatty
Warhawks #4, Bad Boys, p. 27, TSR, Art by Dan Spiegle
Showcase 96 #12, p. 36, DC Comics, Pencils by Stuart Immomen, Inks by Dick Giordano
Art by Joe Pimetel
Armed and Dangerous: Hell's Slaughterhouse #2, Acclaim, Art by Bob Hall
The Human Target Special #1, p.30,  DC Comics, 1991, Pencils by Rick Burchett, Inks by Dick Giordano
Green Arrow #12, p. 21, DC Comics, 1989, Pencils by Ed Hannigan, Inks by Dick Giordano
Green Arrow #85, p. 7, DC, 1994, Pencils by Jim Aparo, Inks by Gerry Fernandez
Green Arrow #37, p. 2, DC, Pencils by Phil Hester, Inks by Ande Parks
World of Smallville #1 p. 11, DC Comics, 1988, Pencils by Kurt Schaffenburger, Inks by Alfred Alcala
Battron #1 p. 1, NEC, 1992, Art by Wayne Vansant

Battron #3 p. 20, NEC, 1992, Art by Wayne Vansant.
Soulsearchers and Company #36, p. 2, Art by Dan Spiegle
The 'Nam #83, p. 19, Marvel 1993, Pencils by Mike Harris, Inks by Don Lomax.
Nomextra and Kevlor #1, p. 6, Marvel, Pencils by Mike Harris, Inks by Jimmy Palmiotti.
Bruce Lee #3, p. 23, Malibu, Pencils by Val Mayerick, Inks by James Sherman.
Bruce Lee #3, p. 24, Malibu, Pencils by Val Mayerick, Inks by James Sherman
Bruce Lee #3, p. 21, Malibu Press, 1994, Pencils by Val Mayerick, Inks by James Sherman
Bruce Lee #3, p. 22, Malibu Press, 1994, Pencils by Val Mayerick, Inks by James Sherman
Doctor Who: The Eleventh Doctor #9, p.20, Titan, Art by Boo Cook
Isaac Asimov's I-Bots #.6, p. 1. Pencils by George Perez,  Inks by Joe Rubinstein
The Batman Chronicles #17, p. 1, DC 1999, by Eduardo Barreto.
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter, Valiant, Pencils by Tim Truman, Inks by Sam Glanzman
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter #9, p. 17, Valiant Comics, Pencils by Tim Truman, Inks by Sam Glanzman
Spider-Girl #97, p. 13, Marvel, Pencils by Ron Frenz, Inks by Sal Buscema
Krrish - Menace of the Monkey Men #1, p. 16, Trajectory, 2015, Pencils by Ron Frenz, Inks by Sal Buscema
Grendel vs. The Shadow #2, p. 45, Dark Horse, 2014, Art by Matt Wagner
Siege #1, p. 12, Image, 1997, Pencils by Robert Teranishi, Inks by Al Vey.
Vampire Diaries #4, DC Comics, 2013, Pencils by Alan Quah, Inks by Jason Gorder.
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer Season 9 #6, p. 1, Dark Horse Comics, Pencils by Georges Jeanty, Inks by Karl Story
Faro #6, p. 31, Art by Emil Cabaltierra
Above and Beyond p. 37, Art by Don Lomax
Justice League International Special #2, p. 6,  DC, Pencils by Joe Staton, Inks by Pablos Marcos
Spiderman: Get Kraven #4, p. 1, Marvel, Pencils by John McCrea, Inks by James Hodgkins
Unknown Comic, Art by Steve Pugh
Wasteland #6, p. 19, DC, Art by William Messner-Loebs
Constantine #14 p. 4, DC, Pencils by Edgar Salazar Inks by Jay Leisten
Constantine #16 p. 3, DC, Pencils by Edgar Salazar Inks by Jay Leisten
All Out War #3, p. 6, DC, Pencils by Dick Ayers, Inks by Romeo Tanghal
The Batman Strikes! #12, p. 7, DC, pencils by Christopher Jones, inks by Terry Beatty.
Adventure Comics #405, p. 3, DC, Pencils by Mike Sekowsky, Inks by Dick Giordano.
Cops: The Job #2 p. 3. Pencils by Mike Harris Inks by Jimmy Palmiotti, Story by Larry Hama and Joe Jusko.

The second and third image are the original page and the revision. The inked portions together make the published page.

Rough Riders: Ride or Die #2, p. 6, by Pat Olliffe. Annie Oakley and a head shot. Need I say more?
Ultimate Origins #4, p. 14, by Jackson "Butch" Guice
Superman: Under a Yellow Sun a Novel by Clark Kent p36, Art by Eduardo Barreto.

CIVIL WAR: FRONT LINE #7 PAGE 4, Art by Eduardo Barreto.
OUTSIDERS #21 PAGE 3, Pencils by Curt Swan, Inks by Al Vey.
Kathy Keene by Terry Beatty
I believe this was originally published in an issue of Ms. Tree as a centerfold.
Steve Canyon, 4/20/1969, Art by Milton Caniff
Johnny Hazard, 4/29/1972, Art by Frank Robbins
Steve Roper and Mike Nomad, 10/6/1988, Art by Fran Matera
Steve Roper and Mike Nomad, 8/20/1983, Art by William Overguard
Dateline: Danger, Art by Al McWilliams
Two panels from a Grace Kelly entry in Mort Todd and John Severin's Celebrity Biografix strip. There is a third panel that was not offered for sale.

Little Orphan Annie by Alan Kupperberg.

Wolff and Byrd by Alan Kupperberg, inks on blue line.

Convention Sketch by Terry Austin
Dr. Girlfriend of Venture Brothers, Art by Tom Palmer
Usagi Yojimbo #1, 2019 IDW Stan Sakai sketch cover
Mr. Monster/Wolverine McAllister convention sketch by William Messner-Loebs
Storm Shadow by Scott Scott Dalrymple
Kitty Pride by Scott Dalrymple
Wolverine by Mike Manley
Batman by John Beatty
Black Canary by Andre Pinheiro
Calvin and Hobbes by David Lee
Rogue by Nato
Vampirella by Andre Pinheiro
Man-Thing and Howard the Duck by Val Mayerick
Lilo and Stitch by Mickey Jordan
Rogue by by Eric Koda
Art by Loston Wallace

Artist unknown but in the style of George Wunder
Squirrel Girl by Ed Silva
Spider-Gwen by Rivald
Black Canary by Victor Corta. The art piece is signed Victor Corta. The description on the eBay listing for the item lists the artist as Victor Hugo.
Black Canary, original commission by arcopitcairn. That's his/her eBay ID. He doesn't sign his work.
Supergirl, original commission by arcopitcairn
Black Canary by Jeff Lasley
Black Canary by J Mac

Black Canary by Gardinio Lima
Black Canary by Shelton Bryant
Rosa from Scout by Tim Truman.
Black Adam by Leonard Kirk
Fathom - Aspen by Talent Caldwell
Captain America by Mike McKone
Fathom - Aspen by Koi Turnbull

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