Saturday, May 26, 2018

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Sins of Empire by Brian McClellan

This is the first in his Gods of Blood and Powder trilogy?. It takes place in the same world as his original trilogy ten years later and across an ocean. Some of the characters repeat. It has good plot, good action, good character development, excellent world building, and is just plain good all around. Highly recommended.

So Much for Publix

Damn, I was hoping Publix would have the little bastard arrested for trespassing.
BACKLASH: Publix Gets Slammed For Caving To Far-Left Activists; Customers Leaving
Actually, there are no Publix within striking distance of my home. Also, Publix decided to cease all political funding. ALL. Some people on the Left aren't gonna be too happy with Mr. Hogg.
Hogg and the law of unintended consequences
In today's environment, the best thing for any business to do is stay clear of politics.

In [formerly] Great Britain

Media Blackout after Anti-Islamist Activist Jailed in England for Reporting on Muslim Rape Gang Trial
So much for the rights of Englishmen, but then they're Subjects not Citizens.

Friday, May 25, 2018

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

BWAHAHAHAHA. ESPN is clueless. Disney should just pull the plug.
Keith Olbermann Getting Expanded Role at ESPN

Good Guy with Gun

In Oklahoma an evil git shoots up a restaurant injuring three people. An armed civilian confronts and kills him.
Two armed citizens kill shooter who opened fire in Oklahoma restaurant
Good work on his part.

Over at CNN they have to bring the NRA into the story and play an anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment on the sidebar because balance or whatever.

[UPDATE]It was two good guys with guns.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

It's What They Do...

The Problem With CNN’s School Shooting Count

If CNN's list of school shootings is limited to incidents where a student is either the victim or perpetrator of a shooting by an actual gun on school grounds, only 12* of the 22 incidents would qualify. Of those 12 incidents, 9 happened at K-12 schools and 3 happened at universities. Most of those 12 do not closely resemble the shootings in Santa Fe or Parkland. Most were targeted attacks on a single victim or did not result in serious injuries. Four of the 12 shootings resulted in fatalities, 3 resulted in multiple fatalities, and 2 (Santa Fe and Parkland) were mass shootings where more than 4 people were killed.

Researchers from Northeastern University revealed their finding in February that shootings at K-12 schools are not more common than they used to be and schools have become safer than they were in the 1990s.

Why I Love Body Cams #2

Texas Trooper falsely accused of rape by Shaun King cleared by body cam footage

Current Events

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

So Much for Intuit

Intuit QuickBooks Severs Ties with Gunsite Academy, Reverses Tens of Thousands in Credit Card Charges. Because Guns
Had Intuit been forthright about their policies ahead of time they wouldn't have caused this issue with Gunsite. The problem is Intuit. They have an obligation to make it right. Wanna take bets on whether they do?

Read This

After Texas school shooting, how can we inoculate ourselves against the next one?

Monday, May 21, 2018

You know how Larry Correia got uninvited from Origins because of SJWs?

Well, I'm of the opinion the best way to thumb you nose at the whiny little b****s is to support Larry by buying his books. If you want to make it even better buy the eARCs. I own them all, but fortunately the eARC for Target Rich Environment is out. Buy it and make a SJW cry, scream, have a stroke.

Lady has a Point

...and an utter lack of give a damn.