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Birds of a Feather

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This is not 1875

...and an increase in crime and there'll be blood in the streets. Just because of open carry?


Chick Little lives.

"If the word got out or if people knew they could come to Tennessee and carry a weapon, I'm sure that armed robberies are going to increase," said Claiborne County Sheriff David Ray in a WBIR report.

"Apparently they're wanting everyone in the state of Tennessee to carry a firearm. I'm against that. I think it's ridiculous," he continued. "This is not 1875. It just seems to me this is going to escalate all the crime to a higher level."

The bill passed the Tennessee Senate but still has to get through their House. I suspect the opposition of some Sheriff's has more to do with losing say over who gets to carry and permit fees than the concerns noted above.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

That should go over well in November.

Obama Requests $1.1 Billion for Gun Control
Just what Democrats running for reelection need. The man is deaf to anything but his own voice.


[Source: #3 Daughter]

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My son registered to vote today.

No ID required. Fill it out and mail it in or drop it off. The form did ask for either your Driver's License number or the last four of your Social Security number, so I guess there may be some verification of some sort. Scary isn't it.