Tuesday, January 21, 2020

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Gunpowder and Embers by John Ringo, Kacey Ezell, and Christopher L. Smith

I understand this was originally intended as a collaboration between John Ringo and Larry Corriea that never came about. Ringo found new collaborators and the result is this first novel in a new series.

A rift to another universe opened and the creatures that came through ended out technological civilization. At best a 19th Century level now exists and a young man is tasked by his father with delivering an item to what's left of the United States government. As he collects companions along the way adventure and action ensues.

I liked it a lot and look forward to the sequel[s]. Ringo picked good helpers. I'm not sure how much involvement Ringo had in the final product. It really doesn't feel much like his usual style, but, regardless, the end product reads fine. Highly Recommended.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Her Lips Are Moving

AOC, you liying ****!

Yeah, Pretty Much

From the Babylon Bee:
Media Offers Thoughts And Prayers That Someone Would Start Some Violence At Gun Rights Rally
It satire with  core of truth. The MSM wanted it. Ooooh did they want it. Didn't get it though. Lots of protesters. Lots of guns. No violence. The one idiot reported got shouted down by the crowd.
Antifa Infiltrator? Gun Rally Goers Turn on Protester Who Suggests Violence
Now will the rally do any good? Probably not. The Democrats have been bought and paid for, and they'll vote as Master Mikey decrees if they want their payday to continue. 

Now having said that, this is a f**king grassroots Gun Rights rally done right. 
Viginia 2A rally: Assorted pictures from different sources

Massive Crowds, Lots of Guns, and Alex Jones in a Tank Descend on Richmond for 2A Rally

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Who is Recruiting Whom?

On edge: Unarmed Virginia gun protesters ask armed friends to ‘watch over us’

VDCL has even warned members to not take the bait. It said this week, “If someone tries to provoke you, smile and walk away. There is probably someone secretly recording the interaction, with the intent of capturing some kind of inappropriate reaction on your part. Don't take the bait. It's not worth the bad press.”

The group added, “The Democrats are afraid of the voters and want to portray this peaceful assembly of law-abiding gun owners in the worst possible way. They would love for it to degenerate to ‘violence, rioting, and insurrection’ in order to smear gun owners. Has the Democrat leadership actually invited violent groups to attend for the purpose of disrupting our peaceful assembly?”

Invited? Probably not. Encouraged them? Hell yes.

My suggestion, peaceably assemble. Take a camera. Record everything in and outside the cage. They will.

WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER // The Danish National Symphony Orchestra


H/T to GFZ.

Recently Read

Grits, Guns, & Glory by John G. Hartness
This is Bubba the Monster Hunter, Season Two or volume two but whatever. It's as good as the first and there are at least two more out there. These should be read in order and if you like the first you will like this one. Highly Recommended.

Chain of Command by Frank Chadwick.
I've read novels by Chadwick and liked them but never really put him on my must read as soon as possible list. He's still not on the by the eARC list but I'll pick up the sequel as soon as it is published, well may be the e ARC. This is straight up military science fiction. Earth forces are attacked and betrayed by alleged allies and Earth is now in its first interstellar war. I read this every free moment I had until finished. The story and characters are well drawn and believable. It's good stuff and highly recommended.

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