Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The funny thing is you evil git.... that taxpayers will continue to cover the costs of gun violence even if you force gun owners to buy insurance. Why? Like background checks, the people causing the majority of injuries and deaths from firearms are criminals and don't have their guns legally and therefore do not undergo background checks and will not have insurance. But you know that you evil disingenuous prick. No insurance company in their right mind will offer "gun violence" insurance and if by chance they do, it will be priced so high the cost will price firearms out of the reach of most people. That's what this "gun violence" insurance is all about. Disarmament. You're too fucking cowardly to propose an outright ban. Mr. Ting, you and your fellow travelers have already spent California's economy into the crapper. Keep doing shit like this, and the only people left in California will be you and those who can't afford to leave.

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