Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Homeowner shoots housebreaker.

In Chehalis, Washington, a man was awakened from sleep by noise outside his house. He armed himself, called 911, and waited. When an evil git broke into his house, he challenged him. The evil git charged and he fired once. They fought and he was able to break away from the evil git and hold him at gun point until the deputies arrived. The home owner and wife were unharmed. The evil git is in stable condition in a local hospital.

The local Sheriff has a refreshingly realistic point of view on the matter.

"My office works very hard in ensuring people feel safe and secure in Lewis County. However, people have to be prepared to protect themselves in situations like this in their own homes. Our response times are as fast we can make them, but there may be a time when you are by yourself and you are forced to make a life or death decision to protect yourself and your family, like this man did,” said Lewis County Sheriff Steve Mansfield.

"About the only thing I can say that the victim could have done differently (is that) he could have fired sooner, he could have fired more often, and he could have used a better brand of ammunition," Mansfield said Monday at a news conference.

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