Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mixed Results

The way I read it is we have a right to carry outside the home, just not necessarily concealed. Maybe the Supreme Court can clear it up for us.

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Anonymous said...

This was a horribly misguided lawsuit brought under the sponsorship of the too clever by half Calguns Foundation. Gene Hoffman, Chairman of CGF, arrogantly thought he could force Colorado into granting carry licenses to non-residents simply because Denver banned open carry. When pressed by the court about open carry, Hoffman's hubris got the better of him when he limited his challenge to Colorado's licensing scheme, giving the Tenth Circuit an all too-easy path to deny relief.

There's a strong moral in this story: civil rights aren't vindicated by exploiting the ignorance of our opponents or via legal technicalities apparent to only the chosen few. But this has always been Hoffman's and CGF's strategy — and the results are now plain for all to see.