Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Store owner defends self with rifle taken from robber.

In Aberdeen, North Carolina, four subjects entered a furniture store and attempted a robbery with a rifle and brass knuckles. The owner was able to take the rifle from one subject and in doing so shot and killed said subject. The other three fled. Two are now in custody.

Wait a second... shouldn't the bad guys have taken a gun from the store owner and used it on him?


Sean D Sorrentino said...

Did you see that the two they arrested are felons?

kahr40 said...

Story didn't mention it but she does. Couldn't find anything on him. That was from NCDPS. Doesn't surprise me at all. My question was how the kid who was killed got tied up with that bunch?

Sean D Sorrentino said...

The cops arrested two and are looking for a third. The kid is 16, so he wouldn't have a record even if he was a criminal. The two adults they arrested are both felons.

I've scheduled this for my Friday morning "Felons Behaving Badly" post.

Tomorrow's is about a 4 year old who shot herself, with mommy and mommy's boyfriend's gun. Boyfriend is a felon.

kahr40 said...

Huh! I checked another source and he popped. I had him tagged as a black male. that's why he didn't show. Busy boy for being only 21.