Monday, February 25, 2013

"It's silly."

Yes, but you get what you vote for, or more to the point, who you vote for.
N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg bans 2-liter sodas with pizza delivery: report


Veeshir said...

He's getting rid of pitchers of soda for birthday parties and some of the cooler Manhattan nightclubs sell you ridiculously expensive bottles of booze and give you free mixers.
No more. As the article says, you'll no longer get free mixers with your $300, 750ml, bottle of Stoly.

That's gonna be popular.

kahr40 said...

New York City in the progressives' petri dish where they see how much shit people will take before they start collecting tar, feathers, and rope.

Craig M. said...

Let's put the blame where it lies. The Sheeple of New York are not fighting back and are taking it in the pooper with a smile on their face. So much for the image of the New York tough guy.

Veeshir said...

Exactly Craig.

A few years ago, Teh Peepul of NYC voted for term limits on the city council and mayor.

So when the term limits came up, the city council and mayor overturned that particular law.

They were re-elected.

Think about that for a second.

Benito Giuliani could have won in a landslide but he accepted the term limits, the Bloomberg the Nannarch does not accept limits on his rule.

kahr40 said...

The limit to how much shit the people of NYC will accept has not yet,and probably never will be, reached.