Wednesday, December 5, 2012

No Rights They Are Bound To Respect

In North Carolina an M. D. may decide on whether a person is mentally incompetent but a judge has to sign off on it for it to be final. Ya know, checks, balances, judicial review. Apparently, that standard is too stringent for some Democrats in the Senate at least in regard to our returning veterans. Charlie Schumer says "professionals" should make the decision not judges. Also Senator McCain, that stalwart conservative, doesn't want to push the matter because Dirty Harry might moveh to change the rules on filibusters. Schumer has always been just fine with double standards as long as they take guns away from the great unwashed. McCain STILL hasn't figured out appeasement gains you not one damn thing, but then I'm not sure he really cares. In any case, veterans are screwed.

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rickn8or said...

What other group of people get “unable to handle finances” = “mentally ill” = prohibited person” without due process?

Oh. And eff McCain.