Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I'm Done 'Til 2020

Early voting has begun in North Carolina so I held my nose and got it done. If you are not sure which candidates support your right to keep and bear arms there is no better guide than the link below.
2018 GRNC Candidate Recommendations
I also noticed this little tidbit of which I was unaware.
Judicial candidates: While judicial candidates are now (for the first time) required to identify their party affiliation, left-wing candidates for NC Court of Appeals and NC Supreme Court are unfortunately exploiting changes to election laws by registering as Republicans in order to split the Republican vote and place leftists in the courts. Please know which judicial candidates you plan to support before going to the polls!
Despite their protestations, the actions of the Left make it clear they have no interest in open and fair elections. If they did they wouldn't have to use these tactics to win. Then again, that may be sour grapes on my part that we didn't think of it first.

Go Vote.

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