Saturday, May 25, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness (2)

I liked Star Trek Into Darkness, but it bothered me a bit. Not so much the movie as the opportunity the J. J. Abrams passed up by rehashing Demon Seed and Wrath of Khan. Using the opportunity in to reset the franchise with Star Trek was smart. It took him and his successors out from under the mythology of the original series and all that followed. He was free to do what he wanted. So, instead of an original script what did he give us? A rehash of what had been done before. I guess with a multi-million dollar budget you're safer with the know than not, but a little courage would have been nice.

He's not the first to blow such an opportunity. When Gene Roddenberry finally got the chance to bring the original crew to the big screen what did he do? He rehashed episodes from the series. The only good thing about that movie was it was Trek and some Trek was better than none. Just saying.

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