Thursday, January 24, 2013

No Compromise.

Poll: NC supports background checks, concerned about mental health
Universal background checks are touted as the most likely consequence of Sandy Hook and an acceptable compromise. If you trust polls it would seem a majority support them. Me, I don't think so. The purpose of the Bill of Rights and the "shall not be infringed" is to protect the rights written therein. It don't matter how many oppose the right. It's still a right. You don't like it, change the Constitution.

Now having got that out of the way, I have two reasons to oppose universal background checks. The first is they won't work. Criminals get their guns by theft, other criminals, or from family members. They don't undergo background checks. They're criminals.

They won't impact crime. They won't impact mass killings like Sandy Hook. The evil git there killed his mother and took her guns. The evil git at the Virginia Tech bought his legally. He passed a background check. So did the evil git in Colorado theater. The evil gits from Columbine used a straw purchaser to get at least one of their guns.

The second and best reason to oppose universal background checks is the antis want it. Its not a compromise for them. They don't compromise. They never have. Why should we believe they would now. Any gun control law passed has always been a first step for them toward a ban and nothing more. Universal background checks begin the creation of an infrastructure for a national gun registry. That gives them the who, what and where to go and seize guns. Wait, the antis call this paranoid and ridiculous. Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you. Anyway knowing those fuckers for what they are ain't paranoia. Its common sense.

So contact your representatives and the NRA and let them know where you stand. No compromise. Not one inch. Ever.

Ignore the claptrap about “caring for the children” and “making sure that weapons don’t fall into the hands of criminals.” It’s all a ruse designed by the anti-gun lobby. Universal background checks have nothing whatsoever to do with keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, or a reduction in violence of any sort. The system, if set up, is a predecessor and necessary prerequisite to a national gun registry. This is evil to its very core.

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