Thursday, August 9, 2018

Kasich Throws Vets Under the Bus

In Ohio, Gov. Kasich wouldn't sign a modification of their CCW regulations because the Legislature wouldn't pass a gun control package he favored. The change in CCW would have waived the fee and training for veterans and active duty military. What Kasich wanted was
...a six-part plan of proposed new regulations pitched to state lawmakers. The package included banning bump stocks, changing Ohio law to mirror federal regulations on armor-piercing ammo, straw buys, and gun surrenders due to domestic violence charges, as well as instituting a so-called “red-flag” bill to allow for temporary gun seizures in cases where an individual is thought to be a threat to themselves or others.
Bump stock are a novelty. The only time they have been used in a crime was the mass killer in Las Vegas. Banning them amounts to virtue signalling to the gun control crowd. Changing Ohio law to mirror Federal law regarding armor piecing ammunition serves no purpose but making such ammo more illegal. It's more virtue signalling. Straw buys? More of the same. If Ohio law doesn't already require surrender of firearms due to domestic violence charges they are 17 years behind what Federal law already requires, thus, more virtue signalling. And for what my opinion is worth, temporary "red Flag" laws that don't place the due process for any seizure of firearms on the front end of the process with at least a court ordered commitment of some sort as the red line are a violation the owner's Second Amendment rights and due process. Oh, and the bill is law anyway because it was passed with a veto proof majority. All in all Kasich's six part plan is simple virtue signalling in hopes it will draw him votes from Never Trumpers and proponents of gun control in the Republican party when he runs against Trump in 2020. It won't get him Democrat votes because they only support anti-gun Republicans in the primaries. It is amazing who politicians will throw under the bus to get ahead.
Ohio drops CCW fees for vets without Kasich signature on bill

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