Sunday, May 13, 2018

SJWs Are Petty Little...

Richard Meyer has written at least one graphic novel about the Korean War, but he is known for his YouTube Channel Diversity and Comics. Known, as in, hated by the SJW crowd in comics. He is the SJW's boogyman in #comicsgate. The few videos I've looked at has him reviewing comics and chronicling the antics of the SJW crowd. Meyer crowdfunded a comic through Indiegogo to the tune of about $247,000 dollars and arranged for it to be published by Antarctic Press. SJW comic book shops then colluded to refuse to carry the book and certain comic book professionals began to put pressure on Antarctic Press to drop the book. The publisher dropped the book and now they are pushing for Indiegogo to drop him. My aren't SJWs hateful little shits. God forbid somebody they don't like get into their club. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE BOOK, DON'T BUT IT!. Oh no, that's not good enough for these Leftist pricks and prickettes. If they don't like it or it's creators nobody else is allowed to buy it either.

This kind of shit why I've mostly stopped buying comics.

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